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Family ‘reality’

“For the life of me, I can’t figure out how the title ‘reality television’ came into being as a description of the sick, exploitive, vulgar, humiliating, dangerous and often cruel programming gimmicks masquerading as entertainment. …

“All the situations and premises are contrived, with rewards … for outrageousness, as that is what attracts media attention, therefore an audience, therefore, profits.

“The only thing that worries me more about this despicable new genre is that there is an audience for it. And I believe folks who watch these shows should be ashamed of their enjoyment of the pain and degradation of others. …

“The reality format is at its most abusive … in its molestation of the family dynamic and its gross exploitation of children. ‘Motherhood and apple pie’ is disdained in our popular culture, while the Gotti and Osbourne ‘families’ and the newer ‘Trading Spouses’ and ‘Wife Swap’ are elevated as ‘reality.’”

Laura Schlessinger, writing on “Realism in family television?” Oct. 27 in WorldNetDaily at ww.worldnetdaily.com

Blaming us

“[In his] latest book, ‘The Bubble of American Supremacy: Correcting the Misuse of American Power’ … [financier George] Soros has adopted strange and hyperbolic language in describing today’s America as a fascist Fourth Reich with September 11 serving as our Reichstag fire.

“‘How could a single event, even if it involved 3,000 civilian casualties, have such a far-reaching effect?’ he writes. We are now, Soros says, a nation of ‘victims turning perpetrators,’ likening our reaction to the terrorist attacks to the crimes committed by the Germans because of their nation’s mistreatment at Versailles.

“Soros is so worried that we might use the horror of September 11 as an excuse to fight terrorists that he raises the specter of America as a neo-Nazi state, thus demeaning both the horrors of September 11 and the Holocaust. ‘When I hear Bush say, “You’re either with us or against us,” it reminds me of the Germans,’ Soros told the Washington Post. …

“During a speech at Columbia University’s commencement ceremonies, Soros, per usual, prattled on about his hatred for George W. Bush. … ‘If President Bush is re-elected, we must ask the question, “What is wrong with us?”’ he said.”

Rachel Ehrenfeld and Shawn Macomber, writing on “The Man Who Would Be Kingmaker,” Thursday in Front Page at www.frontpagemag.com

Cookie caper

“In fairness to Marie Antoinette, it must be noted that she didn’t actually say some of the things attributed to her. For example, she never said, ‘Let them eat cake.’ … On the other hand, Teresa Heinz Kerry did publicly disavow her own pumpkin spice cookie recipe. …

“Recipegate began when Laura Bush’s oatmeal-chocolate chunk cookies were beating the dough out of Teresa’s pumpkin spice cookies in Family Circle magazine’s quadrennial first lady cookie bake-off. This led Heinz Kerry to denounce the recipe that had been submitted in her name, claiming that a member of her staff ‘made it on purpose to give a nasty recipe.’ …

“The average homemaker, confronted with such a problem, would simply shrug. … But nothing is too small to irk Teresa, who turned the pumpkin spice fiasco into a news story, darkly hinting that a Vast Servants Conspiracy was out to destroy her.”

Charlotte Hays, writing on “Let Them Eat Pumpkin Spice Cookies,” in the October issue of the American Spectator

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