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Good riddance

The media have indicated that Yasser Arafat was the soul, the spirit, the heart and the mind of the Palestinian Arabs (” ‘Chance for life’ in Mideast peace talks,” Page 1, Friday). If this is his heritage, then any peace process between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel is doomed to failure.

With his career featuring murder, terror, chicanery and embezzlement, he hardly was a role model for a new Palestinian society.

His intransigence during his lifetime has been embedded in the Arab psyche with no alternative in their thinking other than the destruction of Israel. With this mindset, generations will have to pass before there is a possibility for a lasting peace between Israel and a future Palestinian state. Mr. Arafat, with all of his flamboyance, has delayed a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


Silver Spring

Expecting Yasser Arafat to accept peace was like asking a circus organ grinder to give up his monkey and tin cup or like asking a political dictator to voluntarily step down for the good of his people.

Mr. Arafat was nothing more than a terrorist thug who promoted violence for his own self-aggrandizement and personal gain. And the Palestinian conflict will continue as long as there are left-leaning, anti-Jewish, bleeding-heart liberals out there who keep sending money to opportunists like him — purely to support the harassment of Israel.

Mr. Arafat never wanted a settlement to this conflict, and he demonstrated that by walking away from valid and fair resolutions multiple times. His estate should be required to at least return his one-third share of the Nobel Peace Prize, if not all the hundreds of millions of dollars he embezzled from his own starving people.

Good riddance to this troublemaker. Hopefully, for the whole world’s sake, his successors will have the moral integrity to truly strive for peace now, and those supporting this mindless violence will realize they have largely been pouring money down a rathole.


New York

The continuing Cyprus saga

The Forum column “Opportunity lost in Cyprus”(Sunday) by Osman Ertug asserts incorrectly that the Greek Cypriots are to blame for the current circumstances of the continued division of Cyprus and the failure of the Annan Plan referendum. (Seventy-six percent of Greek Cypriots opposed the plan.) The invasion and illegal occupation of the northern part of Cyprus (37.3 percent) by the Turkish army is the cause of the division in Cyprus.

The Annan Plan was viewed as a non-solution because, as Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos correctly stated in The Washington Times column “Cyprus: the way forward” (Commentary, Oct. 26), the Annan Plan “contained major uncertainties and included provisions that would have meant the beginning of new dangers and new problems and would have institutionalized the division of our country.”

The Annan Plan absolved Turkey of its 1974 aggression and violated the U.N. Charter and key U.N. resolutions that guarantee the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Cyprus.

The proposal had serious flaws, including the undemocratic veto for the 18 percent Turkish Cypriot minority and the facts that it was unworkable, it subverted property rights, it was not financially viable, it failed to fully demilitarize Cyprus and actually gave Turkey “intervention” rights. Also, it did not provide for the return to Turkey of the 119,000 illegal settlers in the occupied area, the proposed territorial adjustment was clearly unfair, it failed to hold Turkey accountable for its aggression against Cyprus, it had a pro-Turkish bias, it failed to uphold the rule of law, and it failed to give compensation from Turkey to the victims of Turkey’s aggression. In fact, it and actually proposed that the Greek Cypriots pay for the destruction caused by Turkey and for the return of their own property.

The economic isolation of the Turkish Cypriots is caused by Turkey’s 35,000 man armed occupation forces and the infamous barbed-wire fence — the Green Line.

A settlement to the Cyprus problem needs to be based on a bizonal, bicommunal federation in a sovereign state, incorporating the norms of constitutional democracy, the European Union “acquis communautaire,” the U.N. resolutions on Cyprus and the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

The Greek Cypriots exercised their democratic right during the referendum and voted “no,” and rightly so, to an undemocratic, unworkable and financially no-viable plan that rewarded the aggressor, Turkey, which has illegally occupied northern Cyprus for 30 years.


Executive director

American Hellenic Institute


Debating evolution

Your article, “Parents take evolution warning to trial” (Nation, Tuesday), says a trial over a textbook sticker saying evolution is “a theory, not a fact” has begun. U.S. District Judge Clarence Cooper asks, “Why put a sticker on the book when that’s already in the book?” Why? Because evolution, although only a theory, is depicted in textbooks as if it is fact.

Evolution is not even a compelling scientific theory. Since Charles Darwin’s time, evolution has been touted as the scientific answer to the origin of life. Hundreds of thousands of fossils have been retrieved in an effort to substantiate evolution. Yet no transitional forms have been found. Over the years, evolution has made significant claims (still displayed in textbooks as if true), but all, including the infamous pre-man (“homo”) apes, have proven false over time.

Darwin insisted that the proof is in the fossil record, that transitional forms would be found. But all of the fossils retrieved show distinct species. For each fossil retrieved, there should have been additional thousands found showing transition. None have ever been found.

So, the late Stephen J. Gould, a “renowned” evolutionist scientist, resurrected a defunct theory called “hopeful monster.” Renamed “punctuated equilibrium,” it says there are no transitional fossils. Why? Not because evolution isn’t true, but because one day a reptile laid an egg and a bird was hatched.

Scientifically, Darwin’s theory is finished. Evolution proponents are desperate for answers. That is why hopeful-monster theory, as absurd as it is, can even find a platform. More and more, evolution is exposed for what it is: A secular humanist religion hiding behind science.

Nevertheless, at trial, the plaintiff argues that the warning sticker violates the separation of church and state. It does not.unless scientific truth itself violates the separation of church and state. The truth is that evolution cannot sustain itself scientifically. Therefore it should no longer monopolize our children’s textbooks.

Intelligent-design theory attributes the creation of life to God. Empirical evidence is entirely consistent with intelligent design. And, since the discovery of DNA, it is intelligent design, not evolution, that is increasingly, and profoundly observed in molecular biophysics and in genetics.



‘Sesame Street’ promotes peace

The column “Legacy of terror” (Commentary, Wednesday) by Ariel Cohen contains an inaccurate statement that a localized “Sesame Street” adaptation advocates the murders of Jews and Israelis. The statement is contrary to the spirit and purpose of this series and our work around the world.

We want to clarify for your readers that Sesame Workshop works with local producers, educators and advisers to promote tolerance, respect and understanding in the Middle East.


President and CEO

Sesame Workshop

New York

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