- The Washington Times - Thursday, November 25, 2004

Dodge makes one of the fastest trucks on the planet. It also produces one of the most powerful, equipped with the Cummins Diesel. Following that trend of building ultimate trucks for nearly every category, it offers what will surely become the most capable off-road truck on the market.

It isn’t as if Dodge hasn’t had a little practice. Do you remember the Dodge Power Wagon that not only helped Allied forces win the big war in the 1940s? Well, Dodge has resurrected the name and has given the modern-day version of this capable truck so much content that it may be very difficult for you to resist the temptation to buy one.

The original Power Wagon was a vehicle that could go nearly anywhere, haul anything and do just about anything its inventive drivers thought of. With this capability it did not have many creature comforts.

That, however, has changed and changed in a big way. I spent a day probing the virtues of the new Power Wagon across the barren rock faces of Moab, Utah. It is here that off road enthusiasts of all sorts test the endurance of motorcycles, mountain bikes and four-wheel-drive vehicles. The terrain here is so spectacular and forbidding that it can cause an overload of your senses. Inching your vehicle along rock faces thousands of feet above the valley floor can be tedious and deadly. Many of these trails are so precarious that an ill-advised move of just a few inches to either side can spell disaster. But, this full-sized three-quarter-ton pickup preformed more than admirably. Our small troupe of trucks took us places many would never have attempted on foot.

Dodge took its top-notch pickup truck and added all the trick components that the off-road crowd installs on its “normal” trucks to make them bulletproof for off-roading. The cool thing here is you do not have to do all that work yourself.

The conservative estimate of the cost of all the added features is well over $10,000, yet the additional cost of the Power Wagon over a standard well-equipped Dodge Ram is $6,300. That’s a remarkable difference in expenditure and the kicker here is that you get Dodge’s new car warranty on those components.

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