- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 3, 2004

In an election decided as much by moral values as by security and economic issues, voters resoundingly approved preserving the sanctity of marriage. Amendments to state constitutions banning same-sex “marriage” were adopted in every one of the 11 states where they were on the ballot. In nearly every instance, the amendment was adopted by a wide margin (Mississippi with 86 percent; Oklahoma with 73 percent) that crossed both party and regional divides.

In Michigan and Oregon, for example, two states won by John Kerry, the margins of victory were decisive, with each approving the measure with 58 percent of the vote. From Arkansas to Montana and Ohio to Utah, voters dismayed commentators who smugly imagined that the issue of marriage was merely an obsession of extreme-right Christian conservatives. In Ohio, a state President Bush won by a slim margin, the marriage amendment received equal support from all demographic groups. If one lesson can be gleaned from the vote on Tuesday’s gay “marriage” amendments, it is that a majority of Americans are committed to preserving traditional marriage, despite the activism of liberal judges who impose same-sex “marriage” by fiat.

When the Massachusetts Supreme Court held that gay “marriage” is a constitutional right, it became obvious that gay-rights activists were prepared to impose their views on the country, bypassing the democratic process. Fortunately, 11 states fought back. Of those states, eight barred state recognition of civil unions and domestic partnerships. This popular groundswell gives the lie to the proposition that gay “marriage” is about to be accepted as natural and worthy. The voting on Tuesday is the angry reaction of a majority of Americans upset with how their most cherished beliefs have been trampled by activist judges and others espousing radical views.

What is most encouraging about Tuesday’s returns is that proponents abided by the democratic process in its purest form. The fight to protect marriage is far from over; several homosexual groups have threatened to challenge the legality of the amendments. Yet as long as these same proponents of same-sex “marriage” continue to impress their views on the rest of the nation, they will be met by the overwhelming opposition of the American people.



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