- The Washington Times - Thursday, November 4, 2004

Donna Brazile gave the Democratic Party her best shot in 2000. Mary Beth Cahill did the same this presidential election year. In the end, their candidates wound up with the short sticks. Will the 2008 Democratic nominee hire a woman to run his presidential campaign? Or is the question this: Will the 2008 Democratic nominee hire a woman to run her presidential campaign?

John Kerry pulled out all the predictable stops after he discovered Howard Dean’s loco motives were losing steam. He said all the right things to keep Democrats happy, and, in a true redux of 2000, hired a woman (the inexhaustibly thorough Ms. Cahill) to head up Team Kerry. Mr. Kerry stumbled at crossroads of his own choosing, even thinking he was making the right last-ditch efforts by selecting Jesse Jackson and Bruce Springsteen as he ran arm-in-arm with them toward the White House.

But Mr. Kerry’s colorful gestures backfired, proving he is not only out of touch with Democrats, but that he failed to win over the heart and soul of America — mainstream voters.

If you are among those who thought the Babe had actually cursed the Boston Red Sox, then what about the Kennedy dynasty? Not since John F. Kennedy has America chosen a man from Massachusetts as president. The ghosts of Michael Dukakis, Paul Tsongas and JFK’s baby brother — Edward, the senior senator from Massachusetts — continue to haunt the Democrats.

American voters did on Wednesday what they always have done: They went into the booth, touched their wallets and then voted their conscience.

The Kennedy touch is gone. The patriarch of that family leads a lengthy list of prominent liberal folk who lost on Tuesday. The very morals and values they bashed and brushed aside four years ago came back to haunt them.

The biggest losers of course are the Democratic candidates themselves, but right behind them is Michael Moore. He — and his kind — tried their best to exploit “Fahrenheit 9/11” as the antithesis to “The Passion of the Christ.” But Evangelical Christians, Jews and Catholics kept the faith and voted Bush-Cheney.

And there is George Soros. He’s the Hungarian-born billionaire who, two years ago, began letting the world know that his ultimate goal in 2004 was to kick George W. Bush out of the White House, saying it was “a matter of life and death.” Mr. Soros even said he was willing to spend himself into the poor house if that “guaranteed” ousting Mr. Bush. Handing out fists full of millions, he bought the Democratic Party — and what they wrought was a candidate who could no more articulate where he stood on critical issues than a colicky baby could explain why she’s wailing.

Money can buy schleps, hacks, even votes. But it didn’t buy victory.

Also on the loser list is Bill Clinton, who rolled out of his sickbed to solicit black folk in Philly and downhome votes in Arkansas.

In line behind America’s first “black” president are the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, whose black-church-hopping contingency failed to shame Christians.

The labor unions are losers, too. Big losers. In Virginia, for instance, union voters in that right-to-work state gave Mr. Kerry a 2-to-1 spread over Mr. Bush, but the Bush-Cheney ticket prevailed.

Keepers of the faith also made losers of that oxymoron same-sex “marriage,” with voters in 11 states delivering a resounding “no” to proponents.

As for the entertainment folk, whether they live on the Left Coast or align themselves with the East Coast Elite, suffice it to say the whole lot of them bombed — from the anti-Bush rallies manufactured by Ben “Box-office Failure” Affleck and Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen to the anti-Bush rants of Whoopi “Bicoastal” Goldberg and Barbra “Stage Fright” Streisand.

Indeed, the lefties are in the role cast in 2000: Loser.

Now they have taken up the same mantra: The Bushes must make nice with the anti-Bushes.

The Democrats — the nonbelievers — still don’t get it. John F. Kerry may indeed be a distant cousin of Britain’s Queen Liz and he can lay claim to more blue blood (and blue states) than Mr. Bush. But America is not a monarchy. The dynasty is no more.

On the immediate horizon for the Democrats, now that Mr. Kerry has conceded, is some serious soul-searching. But not to egg Mr. Bush into bridging the partisan divide, however. But instead to move on their own way toward America’s faithful mainstream.

Already, many of them are trying to conjure up the year of the woman: Hillary Clinton, 2008. If that indeed becomes the case, though, it will be because of divine intervention, not a cloudy crystal ball.

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