Sunday, November 7, 2004

President Bush received a message from the American people on Tuesday. The message wasn’t just for the president, but was meant for the leaders of the “Anybody but Bush” movement. It is a big “thank you”toMichaelMoore, George Soros, and the Hollywood left for motivating average Americans to re-elect Mr. Bush.

They woke a sleeping giant. Mr. Moore and these left-wing,Bush-hating groups tried every trick in the book to energize voters with their anger and venom, painting the picture of a divided and pessimistic America. But thanks to their over-the-top rhetoric and scare tactics, it backfired and actually helped the American people see clearly.

The election results turned out to be a referendum on Mr. Bush’s leadership and the future of America. And as it turns out, a majority of Americans are unified by the president’s optimism for what lies ahead for our country, as well as Mr. Bush’s strong leadership in the war on terror. Even though their actions were hard to swallow at times, I am grateful to these liberal extremist groups for all they did this year.

Arguably the most important election in our lifetime is over and the best man won. Americans must now band together and move past the constant stream of pessimism the Democrats forced on us over the past two years. Using fear, anger and rage, Mr. Moore and his band of lefties forced their “blame America first” message on the American people over and over again — a scare tactic the American people had seen and rejected before.

The “Two Americas” theme woven into campaign rhetoric and repeated by the media was simply invented as a scare tactic. Democrats must end the level of hostility and anger toward Mr. Bush if they are to participate in our political process as the loyal opposition.

As happened in the 1990s, by developing a positive message and agenda for America, Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Contrary to what John Kerry, John Edwards and their liberal surrogates would like you to believe, we are not a nation teetering on the abyss. As Rudy Giuliani said during his speech at the Republican National Convention, “great leaders need to be optimists like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.”

This campaign undoubtedly was one of the longest and most calculated negative exchanges ever seen. The American people were introduced to the insertion of the political documentary, pop culture, “527” outside groups and the 24-hour Internet race into mainstream politics.

Having an America-hater like Mr. Moore lecture Americans on how to vote was a gift. His so-called “Slacker Uprising” tour, bribing young people with clean underwear and free noodles, didn’t get them out of bed. His brand of propaganda through documentary made him personally wealthy, but clearly energized a vast segment of the population in the opposite direction. They turned out to vote for Mr. Bush.

Shock jock Howard Stern promised the defeat of Mr. Bush and claimed it would happen because of his listeners. Wrong. Once again, a negative message to the wrong demographic had no effect on the outcome and may have motivated undecideds to make sure to get out and vote for Mr. Bush.

P. Diddy’s Vote or Die was dead on arrival. Eminem and Bruce Springstein failed to Rock the Vote. Bill Maher and Chris Rock aren’t laughing today. Once again the Hollywood left came out in force for the Democratic nominee and once again the resentment towards the Hollywood elite played to Mr. Bush’s favor. Maybe, just maybe, Democratic candidates will realize that the American people don’t care what Martin Sheen, Sean Penn or Susan Sarandon think. Because if anyone looked closely at the race between “The Passion of the Christ” and “Fahrenheit 9/11,” Mel Gibson’s movie scorched Michael Moore’s world.

Optimism is what defeated Mr. Kerry. The negative and hate-filled attack campaign run by Kerry surrogates only deepened a desire to win among Bush votersacrossthecountry. Political discourse will never again be solely between the candidates for office and their potential constituents, butwillbefoughtout through filmmakers, pundits and Internet bloggers. Innovation and creativity are admirable, but when they are used in a malicious way, to spread lies such as those found in “Fahrenheit 9/11,” they do not belong in the political process.

As we move on from this election, some of those consumed with hate will continue. Nothing Mr. Bush can do will stop that. However, I believe you will see the president attempt to bring all Americans together in our common purpose: winning the war on terror. Thanks to Mr. Moore and his friends, Mr. Bush will have another four years to accomplish his goals of protecting freedom at home and abroad.

David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United, the executive producer of the movie “Celsius 41.11” and the author of “The Many Faces of John Kerry, Why This Massachusetts Liberal is Wrong for America.”

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