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About the new team name…

I understand that after much effort, you all up there in Washington finally are getting a baseball team (“Play ball!” Page 1, Thursday). Several times over the years, I have suggested that we give you back the Texas Rangers, but I think we’ll keep them now.

I hear you’re having some problems trying to come up with a name for the new team. The Senators name is, of course, owned by the Rangers, just in case we ever do send them back, and I know there is some sentiment for resurrecting that name.

Why that is, I don’t know, considering the record of the team when it was playing under that name. Maybe we can work out a deal, though, and I’ve thought it could include spotting the Dallas Cowboys 10 points whenever they play the Redskins. However, in looking at the recent record between those teams, any additional points awarded the Cowboys would be superfluous.

So I would like to make a suggestion or two: First, you could go to the other house of Congress and call the team the Washington Representatives. Or you could incorporate a reference to your most important local industry and name it the Washington Bureaucrats.


Richardson, Texas

A fraud, or an honest mistake?

In his Wednesday Commentary column, “Making CBS play fair,” John Leo asks, “Why was CBS so determined to broadcast its alleged scoop about George Bush’s National Guard service before the story was properly checked out?” To root out the answer to this question will require more than the investigation being undertaken by CBS.

Mr. Leo believes a congressional hearing is a bad idea. True enough. Members of Congress have urged the Texas attorney general and a federal prosecutor to investigate the origins of the forged material.

What is really needed is an investigation by a federal prosecutor of the intent and actions of CBS. The reliance upon a forged document and the specious nature of the document vetting provides sufficient basis for such an undertaking. If it is concluded that CBS perpetrated a fraud upon the electorate to influence the outcome of the November election, CBS should be held accountable, and fines, incarceration and broadcasting license revocation should be in play.

Mr. Leo believes that whatever action is taken, “the goal should be to make CBS more honest, not to delegitimize it or drive it out of business.” However, considering that CBS and Mr. Rather appear to have a history of “recycled falsehoods”(“Thereckoning,”Commentary, Tuesday), criminal prosecution may be the only manner in which to vet this story. In reality, license revocation will never occur, but the possibility of such an outcome might at least fire a shot across the bow and deter future dalliances with the truth.



Caging the beast

Helle Dale’s request that the media abstain from acting as a communications conduit for terrorism is not feasible, especially if there is a story of fear to be told (“Strategy for war on terror,” Op-Ed, Thursday).

What the American news media don’t understand is that if the United States falls from power, as the United Nations and the European Union want, terrorism will simply become a global criminal element to be negotiated with as an accepted social entity, just as Yasser Arafat was accepted by the Clintons.

The United Nations, the liberals and the global media feel they can cage the beast and still make a profit, like animal trainers. Mrs. Dale’s article falls on a deaf audience. If they don’t get their hearing back, it is likely, as in the “Jurassic Park” cliche, that “life will find a way” and the beast eventually will consume its master.

It may not happen this election season, but people always seek a sense of complacency after a sense of fear, and the beast will be released again.


Peyton, Colo.

A state of being

Thank you, Wesley Pruden, for your very articulate and impassioned column “Time to decide who we want to be” (Pruden on Politics, Nation, yesterday). It is a shame President Bush couldn’t articulate the same message in his first debate.

I have decided who I want to be as a Jewish American, and my hope is that other Jewish Americans will open their eyes as well.

To say there exists a “Taliban wing of the Republican Party,” as Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota did, suggests that the Democrats don’t understand the nature of our enemy. Jewish people must open their eyes to the fact that the only things we have to fear are secular Westerners who have united with Communists and radical Islamists. Personally, I prefer to befriend the religious Christian, who seeks to save me, over the opposite, who seeks to destroy me.

We’ll let God sort out who belongs in heaven, and I have a suspicion that the Jew and Christian will be holding hands while we walk through the valley of death, while those who terrorize will need to buy a powerful air conditioner.



A ‘suicidal immigration policy’

Americans owe a debt of gratitude to Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado, who is one of the few Republicans with the courage to continually chastise the Bush administration for its failure to enforce our immigration laws (“Tancredo presses White House on control of border,” Page 1, Sept. 15).

Even though the massive invasion of illegals into our country is causing untold security, financial and cultural chaos, the nation’s border czar, Asa Hutchinson, says we must be compassionate to illegal aliens. Since when is it compassionate for our own government to undermine the rule of law by accepting and rewarding illegal behavior?

The Bush administration’s politically correct policy of open borders is frightening. This suicidal immigration policy jeopardizes homeland security and causes increased crime, drugs, unemployment, disease, social-service costs and voter fraud. Instead of misguided compassion, President Bush needs to get tough on those who blatantly disregard our immigration laws and undermine our nation’s well-being.

Here are some suggestions: Increase the Border Patrol substantially, and, if necessary, back it up with the National Guard to effectively seal the borders; where appropriate, build a wall to further deter the illegal invaders; deport illegals in small numbers as they are found; and vigorously prosecute with prison time company officials who knowingly hire illegals.

Messrs. Bush and Hutchinson need to act less like Mr. Rogers and more like Clint Eastwood in enforcing our immigration laws; otherwise, America as we know it will be lost.


Warwick, Pa.

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