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Reagan stamp

Former President Ronald Reagan’s image will appear on a commemorative postage stamp to be issued early next year, Postal Service officials announced yesterday.

The stamp honoring the nation’s 40th president will be unveiled Nov. 9 at the Reagan library in Simi Valley, Calif., where he was buried in June, the Associated Press reports. The first-day-of-issue stamp dedication ceremony will take place on Feb. 9, also at the library.

Former first lady Nancy Reagan said she was grateful to the Postal Service for honoring her husband so soon after his June 5 death.

“My husband would be humbled by the issuance of this stamp,” she said. “And probably a little amused by picturing himself arriving in mailboxes around the country stuck on the upper-right-hand corner of an envelope.”

Debate ‘revisionism’

Political analyst Charlie Cook concedes that he might have been wrong in originally judging President Bush the winner of the first presidential debate, but he says whatever margin of victory Sen. John Kerry has enjoyed has been exaggerated.

“I canvassed a few Democratic strategists on the pro-Kerry side immediately after the debate, and none of them seemed overly impressed with Kerry’s performance either. But data from the liberal-leaning Americans Coming Together focus groups of swing voters in Tampa [Fla.] signaled that Kerry had won the debate, and an instant poll by ABC News confirmed that result,” Mr. Cook writes in his Off to the Races column at www.NationalJournal.com.

“Interestingly, as every 30 minutes went on, the magnitude of Kerry’s win on cable television increased geometrically. By midnight, when I turned my set off, this had become not a debate between Kerry and Bush, but between Lincoln or Douglas and Elmer Fudd. It was pack journalism at its worst, piling on with impressions formed more after the debate than during. While I am willing to concede that I spent too much time listening to what Kerry said than watching Bush, I do believe that debate-night revisionism has gone out of control.”

CBS responds

Michael Paranzino, founder of BoycottCBS.com, says he has received a message from CBS News executive Ted A. Data concerning the network’s handling of the Dan Rather fake documents scandal.

“The e-mail from the CBS’ ‘Black Rock’ headquarters in New York City was brief and to the point, calling him an idiot and saying: ‘GET A LIFE PARANZINO!!!!’

“A check of the computer-generated e-mail headers provided to track abuse confirms that the e-mail was sent from servers at CBS headquarters ( and, [email protected]),” Mr. Paranzino said yesterday.

Mr. Paranzino added: “I’m flattered that CBS News executives read our Web site, because we certainly don’t watch their news programs. CBS News debate ratings [Tuesday] night ranked fourth behind NBC, ABC and Fox, which was showing baseball.”

“And I’d like to thank Mr. Data for his e-mail, which made me feel young again. I haven’t been called that since junior high.”

Daschle and abortion

“Two years after Sen. Tom Daschle sent out a fund-raising letter for the National Abortion Rights Action League saying he had ‘stood up for a woman’s right to choose,’ Daschle refuses to say whether he is pro-choice on abortion,” the Rapid City Journal reports.

“The South Dakota Democrat avoided making a direct response to the question several times Monday during a telephone interview from Washington, D.C. Rather than address the pro-choice question directly, Daschle stated his long-standing personal view that each abortion is a tragedy, but that the solution lies in finding better options rather than criminalizing the act itself,” reporter Kevin Woster wrote.

“Many people would consider that a pro-choice position, if pro-choice means leaving the decision of whether to have an abortion, in most instances, up to the pregnant woman and her doctor. But Daschle firmly avoided saying those words.”

Hometown paper

“People may have assumed that Vice President Dick Cheney misspoke when he alleged that Sen. John Edwards’ hometown newspaper had dubbed him ‘Senator Gone,’” the North Carolina Press Association said yesterday in a posting at its Web site (www.ncpress.com).

“The News & Observer reported, after doing some research, that it had never called him that. Whoa Nelly! Is the News & Observer really Edwards’ hometown newspaper?

“Edwards grew up in Robbins, a small town in Moore County covered by The (Southern Pines) Pilot. Like New York, Southern Pines is a city that doesn’t sleep, and no sooner than the 10:30 debate signed off, Pilot Publisher David Woronoff went on an archive search-and-rescue mission.

“By this morning, just hours after the debate, the newspaper had posted the original editorial first published more than a year ago.”

Mob violence

A group of protesters stormed and then ransacked a Bush-Cheney headquarters building in Orlando, Fla., on Tuesday.

Local 6 News in Orlando reported that several people from the group of 100 protesters face possible assault charges after the group forced its way into the Republican headquarters.

The TV station said it learned that most of the protesters were from the AFL-CIO and were taking part in one of 20 other coordinated protests across the country. Protesters also attacked a Bush-Cheney headquarters in Milwaukee.

Kerry vs. Teresa

Sen. John Kerry told reporters on Tuesday that he disagreed with his wife’s assessment that the possible capture of al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden before the Nov. 2 election could be politically motivated, the Associated Press reports.

He momentarily confused the man blamed for the September 11 terrorist attacks with deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, saying: “I have said again and again that even if Saddam Hussein is captured or killed in the next instant, it won’t change my view about how I can run a more effective war on terror, or how I can make America safer.”

Correcting himself, Mr. Kerry said: “Osama bin Laden should have been the complete focus of our effort in the war on terror.” He said his wife was “cautioning people against the possibility” that a capture could be politically motivated, not saying it would be.

Teresa Heinz Kerry predicted at a recent fund-raiser that bin Laden will be captured just before the election.

Norwood’s transplant

Rep. Charlie Norwood, Georgia Republican, was reported doing well yesterday after undergoing single-lung-transplant surgery on Tuesday.

Mr. Norwood’s condition was upgraded yesterday from “critical” to “serious,” his office said.

Mr. Norwood, 63, announced last month he was suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease of unknown cause that gradually restricts the ability to breathe. The only known treatment is a lung transplant.

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