- The Washington Times - Monday, September 13, 2004

Homeland security and illegals

“Rounding up all illegals ‘not realistic’” (Page 1, Friday) has me fuming. Homeland Security Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson talks about “compassion” and not “uprooting” illegal aliens. How about compassion for the average American who has to deal with the impact of 8 million to 10 million illegal aliens in his country? I, and many other Americans, want these illegals out of our country. Mr. Hutchinson, do your job. Stop using “compassion” as an excuse for not enforcing our immigration laws.


Provo, Utah

Asa Hutchinson says we don’t have the will to deport millions of foreigners residing here illegally. The facts don’t corroborate his self-serving statement. A March 2003 Roper Poll about the best strategy for eliminating illegal immigration found 78 percent of those surveyed supported the deportation of anyone here unlawfully.

Perhaps Mr. Hutchinson has already forgotten that in August more than 1,000 angry citizens gathered in Temecula, Calif., because they were furious that he had ended the successful sweeps there. In just a couple weeks, a dozen Border Patrol officers had rounded up more than 400 illegal aliens. When Mr. Hutchinson began a tiresome spiel about the family values of the illegals, the audience loudly shouted him down.

Given his defeatist attitude, Mr. Hutchinson should resign.

Of course, if workplace laws were enforced, including the simple verification of Social Security numbers, many illegals would leave of their own accord. However, sanctions on employers have plummeted under President Bush: In 2003, just 15 companies were fined nationwide, and none was in California.

Forgetting the obvious terrorist threat for a moment, California has gone from paradise to Third World status in a few decades because of open borders. Failing schools, shocking illiteracy, worsening gridlock, more crime, increasing taxes and closed emergency rooms are just a few of the symptoms when government stops enforcing its laws and protecting its sovereignty.


Berkeley, Calif.

Our revolutionary forefathers fought for a government of laws to replace a government of men. Officials disdaining the enforcement of laws against illegal entry into our country show we now have a government of men. Perhaps we need focus groups to decide which laws to enforce.

What laws should I obey? Does government have a right to compel me to obey all laws while it ignores those it finds “unrealistic”?

What is the answer? Incentives. We need to impound the property of companies and the personal property of company officers who employ illegal aliens. We need to impound the personal property of illegals and all who knowingly aid them. Informants and law-enforcement agencies should be rewarded generously. That would make enforcing the law “realistic.” If our officials sincerely want to solve the illegals problem, wouldn’t it be solved then?


Charlotte, N.C.

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