- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 2, 2004

NEW YORK — AIDS demonstrators disrupted a Republican youth gathering on the floor of the party convention yesterday, shortly after President Bush’s twin daughters left the stage.

The incident occurred after Jenna and Barbara Bush introduced White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. As he began speaking, about 10 protesters sitting in the crowd jumped up, blew whistles and began to chant “Bush kills” and “Bush lies.”

Mr. Card tried to continue speaking, but was drowned out and stopped as young participants in the morning event scuffled with the demonstrators. Police moved in to remove the protesters, including a young woman hoisted out by two officers — one at her shoulder and one at her knees.

At least one party delegate was slightly injured. Suhr Daniel, 20, of Milwaukee, said that he was punched in the head by a protester. He had a cut near his temple and the side of his face was reddened.

The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) later claimed responsibility. Police said that there was at least one arrest.

GOPconvention welcomes Al Jazeera

NEW YORK — Arab-language news network Al Jazeera, which was denied a chance to trumpet its presence at the Democratic National Convention in Boston in July, is getting far better treatment here in New York.

A lighted sign with the network’s logo hangs in front of its skybox, which is nearly last in the line of network skyboxes to the right of the stage, and Republicans have been trying to accommodate the network’s requests.

In Boston, Democrats had the sign removed and reportedly were not particularly cooperative about helping with producers’ requests.

But Republicans said that Al Jazeera is properly credentialed, and besides, campaign officials said, allowing the network to display its banner highlights that Republicans aren’t afraid to have an exchange of ideas.

“OK, so they don’t share our views — a lot of us have strong feelings about how they cover the news — but ultimately, we feel we have a great story to tell,” said Bush campaign spokesman Terry Holt.

Anarchists publicize officials’ private data

NEW YORK — A spy inside the Republican National Convention has provided protesters with office and cellular-phone numbers for virtually every official involved in the event.

The contact list was sent out via e-mail last night by a group called Anarchist Alive, which has thousands of subscribers.

“The following message is forwarded from an unknown party,” reads the e-mail. “Please, everyone, take advantage of this confidential information to tie up all the logistical organizers of the RNC.”

Fax numbers, e-mail addresses and some home numbers for officials also are included in the missive, which was sent out Tuesday night.

Coulter offers ways to honor Democrats

NEW YORK — More than 600 pro-life delegates and politicians packed themselves into a “Life of the Party” lunch at Tavern on the Green in Central Park for a pep rally on getting out the vote and appealing to the Almighty.

“In this election, get George Bush elected and more seats in the Senate,” said Sen. Sam Brownback, Kansas Republican. “We need your prayers. Pray, pray, pray.”

The biggest ovations went to Rep. Christopher H. Smith, New Jersey Republican; Alan Keyes, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Illinois; and pundit Ann Coulter, who joked that “to reach out to the Democrats, maybe President Bush should equate Satanism as a religion of peace.”

The Democrats, she added, “have three major platforms: abortion, gay rights and banning the Boy Scouts.”

The woman who is the conservatives’ answer to left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore then added, “Why don’t we have clinics dedicated to the heroes of their movement? The Senator Ted M. Kennedy abortion clinic? … the Justice [Harry] Blackmun abortion mill?”

Protester T-shirts back alternative bands

NEW YORK — The protest parade contingent wears its heart on its chest via sloganeering T-shirts. But the feisty malcontents also betray some decent musical tastes.

At the “Still We Rise” march on Monday, two people were spotted wearing shirts from the Birthday Party, the Australian anarcho-noise band fronted by Nick Cave before he formed the Bad Seeds in 1984.

A gentleman participating in the face-off with police at Herald Square on Tuesday evening wore a Fall shirt from the British band’s 1998 tour.

Of course, since this is New York, some protesters also don Ramones T-shirts. The irony is that the logo, which features a circle with an eagle in the center and the names of the Queens foursome circling it, was conceived as an all-American symbol.

The revolutionaries also favor current bands like Anti-Flag and Bad Religion, both of which are involved in some fashion with the anti-Bush musical movement while being on corporate payrolls — the same strain of “greedy” America that so many here are decrying.From wire dispatches and staff reports.

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