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Sexual flip-flop

“I truly thought it a joke the first time I read the hyphenation ‘gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender-transsexual.’ … But reality has outpaced satire, and I am feeling semantically defenseless and one-upped. …

“Homosexuality is no longer enough; lesbianism is too confining. ‘Bisexuality,’ riding their coattails, is desire run amuck, an addiction casting about for scientific sanction and moral permission. …

“With the self-importance of a world-class leader who has just faced cold war East Berlin and said, ‘Tear down this wall!’ New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey announced in August, five minutes ahead of a pack of yipping lawyers brandishing sexual harassment lawsuits, ‘I am a gay American.’ You can be sure that political speech is highly calculated speech, and that back at the drawing board the twice-married official had tried out ‘bisexual’ in his speech and scratched it for ‘gay.’ Why does ‘gay’ play better in politics than ‘bisexual’? Is it not because “bisexual,” even in the GLBT generation, carries the politically anathema freight of ‘flip-flop,’ ‘waffle,’ ‘ambivalent,’ and ‘trying to have it both ways’? It is dissolute because it is irresolute.”

Andree Seu, writing on “Bi and by,” in the Sept. 4 issue of World

Marxist fashion

“When I went up to university, in the month of his death, October 1967, the walls were quilted with his image — the famous Korda photograph of the implacable revolutionary, with the beret, the Comandante star, the wispy hair and beard. … Even then, I thought, Che Guevara was unlikely to have had much to recommend him, a mythic fanatic adulated by ersatz revolutionaries in Cambridge. Hardly anything was known about him, but that was one source of his iconographic ubiquity: ignorance is bliss, where heroes are concerned.

“Over the past 30 years or so, Che has become an industry, appearing in ever more absurd and ironic guises, on T-shirts, scarves, baseball hats, key rings, even in the form of ‘Che’ brand cigars and beer. It is the revenge of the market, turning the puritanical revolutionary into a logo. ‘Che vive!’ as it says in the slogan, but mainly as a fashion accessory.”

Daniel Wolf, writing on “Poster killer,” Aug. 28 in the Spectator

Grandma’s girls

“It isn’t often in New York that I find myself in a room with lots of women who agree with me. At the ‘W Stands for Women’ event at the Waldorf on [Aug. 30], surrounded by over a thousand Bush loyalists, I realized I hadn’t been with so many like-minded women since I attended the first Beatles concert at Carnegie Hall, and we all thought they were the cutest things we’d ever seen. …

“The featured speakers were … Cathy Gillespie and two mother-and-daughter power teams: Barbara and Doro Bush and Lynne and Liz Cheney. Also on stage were the Bush babes, twins Jenna and Barbara. …

“Barbara Bush, shrewd as usual, provided the crowd with a bit of family dish. She said she and George had taken the girls to the Olympics and she had to keep telling them to ‘keep their hair out of their eyes, stand up straight, pick up their room, and be on time.’ Still, the twins were such a hit that ‘the entire American wrestling team wanted to date them.’ It was pretty obvious grandma put a stop to that.”

Myrna Blyth, writing on “Convention Girl Talk,” Thursday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

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