- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan is urging his part of the state to roll out a welcome mat to illegal aliens after returning from a fact-finding mission to El Salvador.

Mr. Duncan thinks we must express compassion to those who enter our country illegally. He thinks we must be tolerant and enlightened, warm and hospitable. He sees the issue of illegal immigration as being incredibly complex and multilayered, and anyone who expects government officials to enforce the laws of our land is a small-minded Neanderthal incapable of grasping the nuances of it all.

Mr. Duncan says we cannot send the illegal aliens back to El Salvador, because there are no jobs there. We just can’t break up families that way. That is just not nice. That is just not the American way. And all these illegal aliens want to do is work, except for the gang members who want to stick graffiti on walls and deal in mayhem and make babies in order to secure your tax dollars.

Conveniently enough, Mr. Duncan does not object to spending your tax dollars. Why, he feels obligated to spend more tax dollars in an attempt to provide the citizenry, legal or otherwise, with all the necessary public services.

Being the humanitarian that he is, Mr. Duncan wants to reach out to the gangs plaguing Montgomery County. He wants to find more tax money to counsel the youths and show them that there is a better way. He is opening his heavy heart, and your wallet, to the downtrodden of El Salvador, because that is the kind of public official he is.

“I want us to be an open and welcoming community,” he says.

And so now, there it is: Welcome to Montgomery County, Illegal Aliens Included.

That piece of news is useful to those home buyers who might be disinclined to dole out their tax dollars to illegal aliens. If so, they can skip Montgomery County and instead search for a home in Frederick County or elsewhere.

If you are an illegal alien, you know where you should be setting up shop.

Goodbye, Montgomery County. It was a good run while it lasted.

Mr. Duncan does not say where he would draw the illegal immigration line, if, in fact, he would draw one, because demonstrating compassion can be a tricky business. Mr. Duncan does not say whether he is accepting only of illegal aliens from El Salvador but would send back illegal aliens from Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the rest of the Americas. If so, that would make him a compassionate hypocrite, which he undoubtedly would not want to be.

If only to be consistent in his thinking, Mr. Duncan’s open-door policy with illegal aliens probably is all-inclusive, whether you have entered this country illegally from the Americas, Asia, Europe or Africa. Mr. Duncan feels your pain.

In the decades ahead, if we have Mr. Duncan’s vision correct, Montgomery County is going to be a densely populated, resource-eating, crime-plagued enclave that eventually drove out many of the old-timers because of compassion fatigue.

Until then, Mr. Duncan has seen El Salvador for what it is, and we need to help the people there. And we need to help those in Central America and South America, in Africa and Eastern Europe, and, really, anywhere around the globe, because there is only one U.S.A.

The world should take this as good news. Come to Mr. Duncan’s Montgomery County. Mr. Duncan promises a warm meal, shelter and a job. And he promises to be understanding after spending four days in El Salvador.

America is said to be burdened with an estimated 10 million to 12 million illegal aliens. What are untold millions more? Give them a map and point them in the direction of Montgomery County, home of the X-rated cucumber.

With a cucumber in hand, the illegal alien not only will draw work-enabling sustenance from it, but also will procreate in intelligent fashion.

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