- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ten Best:

1. The 40 Year-Old Virgin — Go ahead and laugh. “Virgin” is a near-perfect film comedy for adults.

2. King Kong — Peter Jackson’s flawed but mesmerizing epic makes us believe a beauty like Naomi Watts can have a soft spot for a 25-foot ape.

3. Brokeback Mountain — Nearly deserves all its hype.

4. Pride & Prejudice — Who knew a stuffy period piece could be so divine?

5. Jarhead — A poignant war movie in which nary a shot is fired.

6. Hustle & Flow — Who knew we could care so much for a low-life pimp?

7. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe — A joyous epic that stays true to the source material.

8. Junebug — Wicked smart dramedy of manners set in the modern South.

9. Munich — Another Spielberg stunner, with points deducted for its naive ending.

10. War of the Worlds — Yes, yes, the ending reeks, but the invasion scene alone merits its inclusion here.

5 Worst:

1. Alone in the Dark — Hard to imagine a worse film in any year.

2. The Aristocrats — We know it’s cool to say it’s a laugh riot, but it’s cooler to admit 90 minutes of arrogant comics telling the same dirty joke just isn’t funny.

3. The Family Stone — As painful as a family reunion where only your boozy uncle shows up.

4. Domino — Director Tony Scott needs to take a yoga class before he overdirects again.

5. Stay — Ewan, Naomi, we forgive you for this achingly stiff yarn



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