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Merry Ramadan

“American Muslims believe that Christmas celebrations should not be watered down or banned because they might offend people of other faiths or non-faith. … Indeed, many Muslim families will take their children to see the beautiful decorations of Christmas lights on homes to share the happiness they produce. Similarly, Muslims will play host to Muslim and non-Muslim friends during the Islamic celebrations of Eid-ul-Adha (Festival of the Sacrifice) and Eid-ul-Fitr (Festival of the Feast). …

“Many non-Christians merely want their religious holidays to receive the same recognition and acceptance as Christmas. For instance, why shouldn’t Albertson’s put lamb and hummus on sale during Ramadan? Or Macy’s set aside a one-day blowout sale on clothing the day before Eid? …

“In the movie ‘The Chronicles of Narnia,’ the evil White Witch turned Narnia into a perpetually cold and wintry land where Christmas was banned until she was defeated. What a sad, long winter it would be if we Americans unwittingly distilled our diverse religious celebrations into a neutral, nondescript ‘Happy Holidays.’ ”

Sabiha Khan in “How about an Eid sale at Macy’s?” Dec. 25 in the Los Angeles Times


“Science has been so successful in explaining natural phenomena that the modern scientist is convinced that it can explain everything. Anything that doesn’t fit into this materialistic model is simply ignored. … When you ask him how a mechanical process such as natural selection could cause human consciousness to arise out of inanimate matter, he says, ‘human consciousness — what’s that?’ And he talks about human evolution as if he were an outside observer, and never seems to wonder how he got inside one of the animals he is studying. …

“Perhaps it only seems extremely improbable, but really isn’t, that, under the right conditions, the influx of stellar energy into a planet could cause atoms to rearrange themselves into nuclear power plants and spaceships and computers. But one would think that at least this would be considered an open question, and those who argue that it really is extremely improbable … would be given a measure of respect, and taken seriously by their colleagues, but we aren’t.”

Granville Sewell, writing on “Evolution’s Thermodynamic Failure,” Dec. 28 in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

Hard sell

“[T]he Philip Morris Company made marketing history by taking one of the most positive American images of all time — the cowboy — and attaching it to a negative, death-oriented product — cigarettes. …

“Today, the powerful cowboy image is being used to sell us on another self-destructive product: homosexual sex and ‘gay’ marriage. …

“Do we understand that Hollywood could easily produce a similar movie to ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ only this time glorifying an incest relationship, or even an adult-child sexual relationship? Like ‘Brokeback,’ it too would serve to desensitize us to the immoral and destructive reality of what we’re seeing, while fervently coaxing us into embracing that which we once rightly shunned. …

“Hollywood has now raped the Marlboro Man. It has taken a revered symbol of America — the cowboy — with all the powerful emotions and associations that are rooted deep down in the pioneering American soul, and grafted onto it a self-destructive lifestyle it wants to force down Americans’ throats.”

David Kupelian, writing on “ ‘Brokeback Mountain’: Rape of the Marlboro Man,” Dec. 27 in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

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