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By Michelle Malkin, Regnery, $27.95, 231 pages, illus.

Michelle Malkin — conservative blogger, syndicated columnist, New York Times best-selling author and Fox News contributor — has accumulated hate mail that would make even her most audacious critics cringe. The e-mail messages are racist, misogynistic and at times downright pornographic — and they reached the height of viciousness during and after the 2004 presidential campaign. Luckily, this alleged “paid prostitute for the Republicans” has got a thick skin and devotes an entire chapter to the profane correspondence in her new book, “Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild.”

The author’s new book is a case study in uncensored hatred. As she shows, this hatred goes far beyond some Democrats’ distaste for President Bush, the war in Iraq and conservative journalists. The Democrats who claim to value peace, tolerance and compassion have become violent, bigoted and just plain bizarre — and Mrs. Malkin has done a thorough job of chronicling their disturbing behavior.

She includes the story of a Democrat in Vail, Colo., who used a chainsaw to destroy two Bush/Cheney signs on private property. And one about registered Democrat Nathan Alan Winkler, who ran a Tampa woman and her two children off the road because their car displayed a Bush/Cheney sticker. Even after rounds of therapy to get over the depression and heartbreak that many liberals experienced after John Kerry’s loss, they’re still not healed. (Yes, many liberals visited therapists for “post-election depression,” as Mrs. Malkin explains in her book’s hilarious introduction, “Liberals on the Couch.”) “You won’t believe just how crazed the pacifists have become,” Mrs. Malkin writes.

Some “pacifists” have resorted to all-out violence against military recruiters on college campuses across the nation. At Seattle Central Community College, for example, 500 students attacked two Army sergeants who were manning a recruitment table on campus. Police officers whisked the soldiers off campus instead of dispersing the protesters — who went unpunished by the college president.

Also in Washington state, at an Independence Day parade, antiwar agitators showed contempt for Jason Gilson, a 23-year-old Marine who was injured in Iraq. Upon seeing the decorated young war veteran holding a pro-Bush sign, the crowd called him a “liar, a “baby killer” and a “murderer,” and made obscene gestures at him. Adds the author, “Gilson’s mother, who brought her entire family to the parade in support of her son, could not believe the viciousness of her neighbors.”

Even the hallowed halls of Congress weren’t spared from liberal lunacy when Democratic Rep. Pete Stark of California yelled homophobic slurs at Republicans during a mark-up session on pension funds legislation, or when Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia conjectured — before Howard Dean did — that Mr. Bush knew about the September 11 attacks before they happened.

The media, academia, literary elite and Hollywood celebrities have also played a significant role in advancing conspiracy theories and engaging in irresponsible chatter. They find themselves on Mrs. Malkin’s top-10 lists throughout the book. Cameron Diaz earns the No. 1 spot on the author’s list of “Top 10 Unhinged Celebrities” for implying on national TV that the re-election of Mr. Bush would lead to the legalization of rape.

The author has a knack for turning a phrase and constructing a supreme simile: “Like the hideous creature in the movie Alien, gestating in the stomach of a seemingly benign human host, the unhinged liberal feeds off the illusion of normalcy until he can no longer tolerate his artificial confines. This book is a forensic examination of the extraterrestrial creature exploding from the Democrat Party’s gut. Like any good horror movie, it’s scary and silly at the same time.”

Mrs. Malkin’s colorful and, at times, tongue-in-cheek words should leave no reader wondering how she really feels. She concedes that “fringe right-wingers do indeed exist,” but it’s not Republicans who are advancing conspiracy theories, making half-serious jokes about assassinating the president and acting violently against innocent people who express their right to patriotic expression.

The views of some liberals are “no longer relegated to the private remarks of a few Democrat politicians or the bloviations of a few fringe figures on the far Left. The syndrome is far more pervasive, intense, and sanctimoniously self-delusional than anything on the Right,” Mrs. Malkin writes. She will undoubtedly continue to document the dangerous and wacky world of unhinged liberals, but will her book be enough to change their ways? For the sake of our nation’s well-being, we can only hope so.

Erin Montgomery is a freelance writer in Washington.

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