- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 8, 2005

Vicious ‘comedy’

“[Margaret] Cho is the absolute final, exhausted point of liberalism, its cold, bitter dead end — a resentful, repetitive death rattle. Cho is fueled by hatred of everything conservative. It’s a mystery what she actually believes in. Oh yeah — being gay isn’t a choice, and George Bush and the pope are evil hypocrites. Aside from that, who knows?

“Here’s Margaret Cho’s routine: say something nasty about a conservative. Wait for applause and ‘woo-woos’ from partisan crowd. Make declarative statement about a liberal orthodoxy (‘You don’t choose to be gay’). Wait for more applause. Repeat. Imagine a less funny, more sour, double whiny Maureen Dowd, and you’ve got it.

“Cho’s jokes are all bile-soaked grenades, most too vicious to repeat. But even worse is her timing. … With Cho it’s like this: ‘Does the pope look like a transvestite or what?’ Pause. Applause and woo-woos. Pause. Pause. Pause. Look around. Wait. Pause. ‘I mean, what’s with that dress he wears?’ Woo-woos, applause, etc.”

—Mark Gauvreau Judge, writing on “Margaret Cho: Dingbat,” Dec. 6 in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

‘PC pushers’

“The main thing I learned in college is that words are not simply tools we use to think. More likely, we are the tools, and the words do our thinking for us. …

“That’s why the [political correctness] police want you to adopt their vocabulary — wholesale. By controlling your words, they can at least channel, if not control, your very thoughts. As George Orwell might have said, their aims are ungood.

“PC pushers are not beneficent. They run the gamut from hypocritical to evil, and they are all descended from Marxists. PC was birthed in 1919 specifically to destroy both Western culture and Christianity. This hate-based system, called both Social Marxism and multiculturalism, was launched here under Herbert Marcuse a half century ago.”

—Jim Rutz, writing on “What I learned in college,” Dec. 6 in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Class warrior

“From the beginning, Mao had been no stranger to murder and mass executions, always in the pursuit of power. Given a heartfelt welcome in Yenan in October 1935 by a local Red army that outnumbered his own, Mao had 200 of its officers shot for ‘rightwing deviations’ and the popular base commander, Liu Chih-tan, assassinated. He destroyed rival Politburo member Chang Kuo-tao’s army in 1936 by sending it on a hopeless mission into the wastes of the Gobi desert, and then ordered that the survivors of this debacle be executed — after being forced to dig their own graves. In 1941 he had Politburo rival Wang Ming poisoned — twice — crippling his health and forcing him to seek medical treatment in Moscow. Many more examples of his utter ruthlessness could be cited.

“But what really distinguishes Mao as a leftwing monster is his use of terror to systematically destroy entire classes of people who might prove obstacles to his rule, deliberately striking fear — and instilling blind obedience into the remainder of the population. Mao had written in the early twenties that China ‘must be destroyed and then re-formed.’ Once in power, he began applying the Leninist principle of class struggle to the Chinese people under his control.”

—-Steven Mosher, writing on “Leftwing Monster: Mao Zedong,” Dec. 6 in Front Page at www.frontpagemag.com

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