- The Washington Times - Friday, February 11, 2005

Runway strut

“You may have seen Jay Alexander, who works with Elite Plus in Paris, on ‘America’s Top Model.’ He’s famous for teaching models to walk and is rumored to make quite a bundle doing so. But not every model takes walking lessons; some have a natural sense of presentation. ‘It depends on where the models are from,’ according to Andrew Weir, a New York casting director. ‘If they’re from Brazil or South America, the walk is innate. The other girls have to watch the Brazilians for a season or two until they catch up.’

“There are a few walking styles. ‘If you say to the girls “Do a Versace walk,” they know what that means — a va-va-voom, shake-it-like-you-might-break-it walk,’ says Weir. ‘ “Street” means no swish. It’s strong, like the way people walk down a New York street.’ Most shows now use a near-natural street walk, described by Weir as ‘ “Street” plus a little bit more.’ That means a pretty natural stride with no hands on hips or posing. But the walk is still slightly exaggerated: Some extra swagger makes skirts swish dramatically and gives tailored looks a bit of extra power.”

Josh Patner, writing on “Fashion Week FAQ,” Monday in Slate at www.slate.com

Super ads

“There is a cult of the Super Bowl commercial. [Monday] morning, AOL greeted its subscribers with this thrilling poser: Pick the Best Super Bowl Ad. If you clicked on that you were transported to a window that displayed all the many candidates for champion commercial of the game. …

“More commercials appear at the beginning of the game than the end, obviously because advertisers know that by the game’s final minutes, some viewers will have turned the television off; some will be distracted; and some will have passed out from all the drinking. …

“Despite the general anxiety that The Day of the Exposed Breast would inhibit the customary ribaldry of Super Bowl commercials — were you anxious about that, dear reader? — there were plenty of sexy girls, and hot guys, and one almost-exposed breast on a daring ad for Tabasco sauce.”

Lee Siegel, writing on “Ownership Society,” Monday in the New Republic Online at www.tnr.com

Campus bias

“The prospects for peace in Israel itself are greater than they would be on this campus. People who deride Israel as a racist, apartheid, Nazi state … those are not just rhetorical statements, they are barriers [to] peace — they encourage the terrorists. …

“This [Israeli] administration is moving toward peace. One would expect to see … that the amount of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in the world and our college campuses … would be reduced dramatically. It’s not happening. …

“Columbia University is failing to educate its students in the nuances of the situation. There is no alternative perspective presented to the students on this campus. …

“This is the most unbalanced university I have come across when it comes to issues related to the Middle East.”

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, in a Monday speech at Columbia University in New York, quoted by Morgan Sellers in the Columbia Daily Spectator

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