- The Washington Times - Sunday, February 13, 2005

JASPER, Texas (AP) — For some drivers, even a Hummer is not enough.

At a curb weight of more than 3.5 tons, the Humvee-inspired Hummer H1 is no skinny guy who gets sand kicked in his face.

But the Bad Boy Heavy Muscle Truck, a dressed-up military vehicle more than twice as heavy, is being billed as bigger, badder and more bodacious.

“It’s the rugged Bubba,” said Daniel Ayres, president and chief executive officer of Homeland Defense Vehicles LLC and its division Bad Boy Trucks.

The East Texas company aims to market the machine to civilians with disposable cash and a hankering for protection from the outside world.

A $379,000 version made its public debut in January at the Dallas Safari Club convention.

For a base price of $225,000 — nearly twice the Hummer H1 wagon’s base price of $117,508 — consumers can get a basic version of the 10-foot-tall Bad Boy that can drive through 5 feet of water, climb a 60-degree grade, tow 6 tons and keep rolling even with a quarter-sized hole in the tire’s sidewall.

The price goes up from there, depending on options. Drivers can buy infrared cameras that peer through darkness.

The flat-nosed cab can be bulletproofed, and a miniature safe can be installed behind three leather seats. The dash can include a satellite phone, a two-way radio and a global positioning system monitor — all alongside DVD, MP3 and CD players and a flip-out LCD screen.

For $750,000, buyers can get the fully loaded “NBC” version that Mr. Ayres said can detect and block out fallout from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons by over-pressurizing the cab with filtered, clean air, much like an aircraft.

“There’s a certain group of people who color outside the box,” Mr. Ayres said, and if they want to escape a city targeted by terrorists with dirty bombs or biological agents, “this is the truck for them.”

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