- The Washington Times - Friday, January 14, 2005

Nobles: Trevon Jenifer, for pulling his weight on his high school’s wrestling team.

Some wrestlers think Trevon has an unfair advantage. One of his opponents faked an injury once just so he didn’t have to wrestle the 16-year-old Huntingtown High School junior. Is Trevon that good? According to The Washington Post, he has posted about a .500 record this season.

Greatness, however, is relative. Just imagine how well Trevon could wrestle if he had legs. Born with a rare condition called congenital amputation, Trevon entered life with only an upper torso. Some would call those odds insurmountable. Yet they have been overcome before, as Trevon is well aware. Mentioning the success of another congenital amputee, Kyle Maynard, who last year went 35-16 as a senior at Collins High School in Suwanee, Ga., and Nick Ackerman, a 174-pound NCAA champion, who lost his legs as an infant to bacterial meningitis, Trevon says, “I want to go beyond what they did.” Beyond? So, OK, Trevon is great.

Trevon also plays basketball and runs track, albeit in a wheelchair. Wrestling, it seems, is just something to do during the long winter months, something, as The Post reported, “to offer him the contact he yearned for from athletics.” Trevon says he wants to get a college scholarship in either wheelchair basketball or track, as he pursues a degree in criminal justice and psychology. “If I had both my legs, I may not be wrestling because I’m so into other sports,” Trevon told the Post.

For redefining the meaning of courage, Trevon Jenifer is the Noble of the week.

Knaves: Prince Harry, for one of the worst costume ideas in the last half-century.

It’s easy to make too much out of Prince Harry’s Nazi uniform, which was splashed around the world this week. He was at a party and probably thought it would be seen as a joke. Even his worst critics probably don’t think that it was a political statement. Then you get into the details. This wasn’t just any Nazi costume. It was the uniform of Gen. Erwin Rommel’s Afrika Corps. The 20-year-old put some thought into this. And then you remember what Harry is supposed to symbolize, why he lives in the luxury he does. With royalty comes responsibility.

There’s no need to go into what the British people went through in World War II. Harry should know, and perhaps when he attends Sandhurst military academy in May someone will remind him.

For disgracing his country, Prince Harry is the Knave of the week.



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