- The Washington Times - Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Hollywood awards never seem to end, do they? If you live or work in the movie city, chances are you will receive at least some type of award every year or else you are on the way out. There is truly something for everyone, so much so the awards themselves mean virtually nothing anymore. Even the Academy Awards are tarnished these days.

Talent or not, anyone can win. It’s popularity. Who cares if you can act?

Amid the critics and celebrities congratulating themselves and each other for their basically immoral and corrupt body of work, there is another aspect that needs to be looked at and addressed. What about the image Hollywood wants to portray as a group of kindhearted, generous, and caring individuals, versus the truth? The Golden Globes come closest to exposing them for what they truly are. This year is a prime example.

While celebrity liberals by the scores decry the money we as a nation (and individual political parties) spend on presidential Inaugurations to broadcast and promote democracy and our model political process, I ask you to look at what they are doing in Tinseltown. It’s disgusting. No, that isn’t a strong enough word. It is revolting. That’s better.

These same stars who pretended to raise so much money after the September 11, 2001, attacks, only to be exposed later. They now are showing their true colors again.

Apart from Sandra Bullock, a genuinely generous lady, we are speaking of frauds and publicity hounds. While millions of people who have lost everything try to piece together their lives around the Indian Ocean, each Golden Globe presenter will be given a special “thank you” gift bag valued at $38,000 (fancy cell phones, jewelry and electronic gizmos). They really need more of these, don’t they? Right.

I’m certain sponsors and famous manufacturers foot the bill for publicity and advertising. But that isn’t the point. Couldn’t this money have been better spent in cooperation with the participants to help others who need it, and still provide product publicity? I know it could have. So do you.

Glittering hypocrites rarely put their money where their mouths are or sacrifice self-interests without benefiting from it.

These award shows do not exactly promote democracy worldwide like the Inaugurals; they do the exact opposite, showing the underside of America.

Already, wealthy “celebs” accepting these expensive gifts in the wake of the tsunami tragedy simply further falsely present Americans as greedy, materialistic and uncaring.

It is certainly a shame the world identifies and judges Americans so much by the very public personalities they see in the media. Movie stars are, but should not be, our ambassadors at large. We are not, on the whole, the sick nation these people portray us as being — though, we will be on that road if liberals have anything to say about it. I wonder just how many of these “fine folks” donate their “bags” to charity?

I simply suggest, as you watch these various award ceremonies and celebrities, you understand how your support of Hollywood projects over the year indirectly pays their insane salaries and encourages extreme financial waste. These people don’t know you from Adam and don’t want to. They only care that you continue to idolize them and feed the system. For their part, they have a pretty good thing going. ….


Douglasville, Ga.

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