- The Washington Times - Sunday, January 23, 2005

The following excerpts are from a sermon given recently by the Rev. Robert L. Howard at the Word of God Church in Northwest.

We are endeavoring to share with you some spiritual nuggets from the heart and mind of Almighty God that will enhance your marriage and relationship with your mate.

One of the things that have hurt this country is the way marriages are treated. God has made it possible for man to take the authority in the home that He takes over the universe. Just like we depend on our heavenly Father to take care of us, the wife needs to have that same dependence upon her husband. When Jesus lords the heart and mind of a man and leads him into a holy marriage, that home will be a home of joy and peace. The children will grow up with the love of God in their hearts. Then we will have a better America.

I love this land. I was born here. I have traveled all over and have found out that it takes God to make a marriage, it takes God to make a man, and it takes God to make a family. He is a family God; you will find out from the Scriptures that I’m going to share with you that the missing link is Jesus. Look around into some of our public announcements and see how many times Jesus’ name is called, in this land of milk and honey. You will find that you have a missing link, but we are going to get the Scriptures and hook up the missing link to the heart and mind of man.

And the families on the earth, God must be the head of them. We are looking at what a wonderful thing it is to have a heavenly Father to depend on. It’s a marvelous thing to be born again through the Lord Jesus.

But it is so wonderful when we have him to be our Lord, to be our master, to be there when we need Him, to call on Him and let Him show us great and mighty things. Just like us, as the people of God need a heavenly Father, and a leader, there is a leader needed in the home. The enemy knows if he can just get that man out of the way, then the woman and children will be denied of their God-given rights, which is the father in their home. That is why I want to tell you that our Lord is a family God.

What I love about Him is that He believes in leadership. He is the kind of God that is not hard to get along with. The man that lets God lead him to become a husband is not hard to get along with in the home. Thank God for women, if they get a hold of a good man that has God in him, then they will appreciate him.

Let’s go to Deuteronomy 29:10-29. Now we are dealing with the word of God having to do with His mind, with His will, with His emotion and His imitation. When we think about God and His precious word that will stand forever, it is best for you, my friend, to study what Jesus is all about. Get to know Jesus for yourself and take Him at His word, you will find a great family relationship in the word of God.

As we look at verse 15, it deals with us in this day and time. We are looking at the Mosaic Law as God was talking, and some people may feel like that was only back for Moses’ day; but if you search the Scripture closely, you will see that God wants us to know and understand: Not only does he want to be a heavenly Father, but he wants you to be a father. This goes for fathers of all race, creed and color; most are under a curse of misunderstanding. I only say this to help you as a man.

This is the missing link: You don’t know your place, but when a man is led by the Holy Ghost to a lady for a relationship, the spirit of the Lord makes his introduction. That is God himself leading the man to the woman.

That is the way it was in the beginning. The spirit of God himself came into the garden and formed the man from the dust. All of that was the spirit of God. He took a rib and made the woman, and they became flesh and blood. Then God put those people in the garden, and when he put them in the garden, he gave Adam a fatherlike ability.

Can’t you see that little child running to daddy? Can’t you see that little child saying, “Daddy, I’m cold?” The child may say, “Daddy, I need something to drink.” That daddy takes his big muscle and walks through the house to help that child. Look at the wife feeling like she has somebody that she can lean on, well bless the Lord. We as a people need to bring our families together. We need to pull our children out of the streets into the home, set them down and show some love through just talking. Please, in the name of Jesus, let Him back into your lives and your homes.



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