- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 4, 2005

‘Mere possessions’

“The Christian Science Monitor this week introduces us to an American Latina, Jasmine Pinet, who ‘has found greater respect as a woman by converting to Islam.’ Ms. Pinet praises Muslim men for their respect for women: ‘They’re not gonna say, “Hey mami, how are you?” Usually, they say, “Hello, sister.” And they don’t look at you like a sex object.’ …

“For readers who might find this surprising — given the burqa, polygamy, the prohibition of women drivers in Saudi Arabia, and other elements of the Islamic record on women that are well-known in the West — the Monitor quotes Leila Ahmed, professor of women’s studies and religion at Harvard: ‘It astounds me, the extent to which people think Afghanistan and the Taliban represent women and Islam.’ …

“But did the Taliban really originate the features of Islam that discriminate against women? …

“Qur’anic passages … mandate second-class status for women and consign all too many women in the Islamic world to the status of mere possessions of their husbands.”

Robert Spencer, writing on “Women Are Treated Better in Islam?” Monday in FrontPageMagazine at www.frontpagemag.com

Recycled lies

“Two weeks into the Afghanistan campaign, critics of the war had dusted off ‘quagmire,’ a sturdy favorite of those who criticized the Vietnam War. The term reappears every time there is a setback in Iraq, despite the fact that even the most successful wars are frequently characterized by plans gone awry. …

“The Vietnam analogy has now begun to encompass the soldiers fighting the war. ‘A Flood Of Troubled Soldiers Is In The Offing, Experts Predict’ blared the front page of The New York Times of Dec. 16. …

“[C]ritics of the Vietnam War managed to portray those who fought that war as uniquely damaged by their combat experience. Now falsehoods about the Vietnam veteran are being used to discredit the current generation of soldiers.

“Consider the claim in the Times article that one out of every three Vietnam veterans suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). …

“The one-in-three figure for Vietnam veterans … is implausibly high, especially given that fewer than 15 percent of those who served in Vietnam were assigned to combat units.”

Mackubin T. Owens, writing on “The ‘Troubled Vet’ Returns,” Dec. 23 in the New York Post

Pop pedophilia

“Many people seem to think having sex with children is a good thing, as 100,000 Web sites now offer illegal child pornography, according to Internet Filter Review. Worldwide, child porn generates $3 billion in revenues every year. And culturally, adult-child sexuality is creeping, ever so artfully and gradually, into the public consciousness.

“For instance, in the 2004 movie ‘Birth,’ Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman plays Anna, a young widow who thinks her deceased husband has been reincarnated — into the body of a 10-year-old boy. Thus, one scene depicts Kidman tenderly kissing the boy on the lips. Another scene has her asking the boy — played by 11-year-old Cameron Bright — if he has ever had sex. In still another scene … the boy slowly undresses in front of Kidman before joining her in the bathtub.”

David Kupelian, writing on “Selling Sex in the U.S.A.,” in the November issue of Whistleblower

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