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Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen reportedly is miffed that boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t win the best-actor Oscar.

According to the British Web site Ananova.com, she said, “I don’t think [Leo] was expecting to win. I think I was more upset because I thought he deserved it more than [[Emp]Jamie] Foxx. I was like, ‘He did a better job than Foxx!’”

At Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, Mr. DiCaprio officially appeared in public with Miss Bundchen for the first time in the couple’s four years of involvement.

Guitar trouble

Queen Elizabeth II met four of Britain’s most famous guitarists Tuesday and asked them: “And what do you do?”

Queen’s Brian May, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck all were guests at a Buckingham Palace party to honor the British music industry.

“It’s great to meet her, and it doesn’t matter at all that she did not know who we are or what we do,” Mr. Clapton said, according to Reuters News Agency. “I wouldn’t expect her to.”

Dance fever

You better believe Uma Thurman was intimidated to dance — again — with “Saturday Night Fever” star John Travolta. She wouldn’t be doing her job if she weren’t.

“When I’m luckiest, I spend the best part of my time being intimidated and inspired. That’s when I’m doing good. It means I’m picking the right partners in life,” she told Associated Press.

“I never had any advanced level of dance training. I’m just a huge fan and always fantasized about dancing, though I’m very shy about it. I don’t really like to dance socially, but whenever I get a chance to dance where I feel like it’s my job … the fear factor goes away.”

Miss Thurman and Mr. Travolta, who famously shimmied in 1994’s “Pulp Fiction,” appear together again in “Be Cool,” which opens in area theaters tomorrow.

‘Rings’ ka-ching

“Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson is suing New Line Cinema, claiming the studio pocketed too much profit from the first part of the blockbuster trilogy.

The Oscar winner says he lost revenue from merchandising, video and computer game offshoots associated with “The Fellowship of the Ring,” the BBC reports.

It’s not known how much Mr. Jackson — currently working on a “King Kong” remake — is seeking in damages.

Fur fervor

Heather Mills McCartney, wife of Paul McCartney, and Rick Wakeman of Yes campaigned in Brussels for a ban on cat and dog fur in the European Union.

“It’s barbaric that this is going on,” Mrs. McCartney said, holding back tears as she showed a fur coat made from 42 Alsatian puppies, according to Associated Press.

The United States and Australia have bans on the trade, as do EU member nations Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece and Italy. The activists are pushing for an extension of the ban to all 25 EU nations.

During Tuesday’s presentation, a video was shown of emaciated dogs and cats kept in dark, cramped rooms and cages. The video also portrayed the slaughter of a German shepherd.

“I couldn’t sleep for two months” after watching the video, European Parliament member Struan Stevenson said.

Into Africa

In other actor-activist news, Danny Glover sank some much-needed money into the African film industry, which suffers from a severe lack of local funding.

Mr. Glover, a judge at this week’s Fespaco festival — short for the PanAfrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou — bought the rights to produce the novel “God’s Bits of Wood” by famed Senegalese director Ousmane Sembene.

“I’m working with African filmmakers to see what I can do to push their products,” Mr. Glover said while in Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou, where the festival runs until Saturday.

Compiled by Scott Galupo from Web and wire reports.

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