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“Disneyland’s 50th anniversary this summer … is a reminder that at the very least, Uncle Walt was one of the great visionaries of our time. …

“But Disney’s made many [politically correct] adjustments over the years. Once while visiting Disney headquarters … I asked about the famous cartoon ‘Der Fuehrer’s Face.’ I knew I’d seen that 1943 Oscar winner, in which Donald Duck struts around mocking Hitler. But a publicist said it couldn’t have been on the Disney Channel.

“‘We’re not allowed to show that,’ she informed me firmly. ‘Or some others from that era, like where Pluto wears blackface.’

“Blackface is one thing, but who cares about offending Nazis? ‘The Germans are our friends now,’ the publicist explained blandly. …

“At Disneyland several years ago, Frontierland tour guides began telling visitors that a burning cabin was set on fire by the drunken moonshiner who lived in it, and not (as previous spiels had explained) by angry Indians. By 2003, the cabin no longer burned at all.”

— Catherine Seipp, writing on “It’s Goofy,” Thursday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

Eugenic slogan

“The slogan, Every Child a Wanted Child, always gave off a eugenic chill, implying that unwanted children weren’t fit for life. But it didn’t quite spell out what makes a child unwanted. Were the meaning of the slogan unpackaged and given more eugenic precision, it would read: Every Child a Perfect Child. …

“The every-child-a-wanted-child sloganeers ludicrously promised a culture of greater sensitivity to children. What it actually produced was a culture of habitual cruelty toward children. … That child abuse rates climbed after the legalization of abortion is no accident. According to pro-life writer Karen Gordon, after ‘New York legalized abortion in 1968, it experienced a rise in child abuse of 44 percent per year. Washington state legalized abortion in 1970. Within 28 months, incidents of child abuse in Seattle, its largest city, rose 379 percent.’ …

“The every-child-a-wanted-child concept elevated the rejection of imperfect children to an enlightened choice, and pumped life into a discredited eugenics movement.”

— George Neumayr writing on “The Perfect Child,” Thursday in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.com

Comic ideology

“There’s no more striking example of how big a part ideology plays in the mainstream media’s taste in comedy than its about-face on … comedian Dennis Miller. Making his bones as one of Chevy Chase’s successors on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Mr. Miller was long a media darling, praised like [Jon] Stewart for inventiveness and daring, especially when he became host of his long-running HBO show, ‘Dennis Miller Live.’ As the New York Times’ Caryn James wrote in 1996, Mr. Miller is ‘as scabrous and funny a political satirist as anyone around,’ given to ‘irreverent comments on the news.’

“That’s when Mr. Miller was a man of the left. Then, after September 11, in a metamorphosis both startling and brave, given the world in which he made his living, Mr. Miller emerged as an outspoken defender of President Bush’s foreign policy. Instantly, he became the skunk at the media party. In 2004, hosting a new show on CNBC, he found himself dismissed by the very same Caryn James as one of ‘the stand-up comics turned pontificating policy wonks.’ To her colleague Frank Rich, he was simply ‘formerly funny.’”

— Harry Stein, writing on “Laugh-Winger,” Wednesday in Opinion Journal at www.opinionjournal.com

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