- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 14, 2005

President Bush has nominated for the position of chief justice of the United States a man of outstanding character and qualification, Judge John G. Roberts. Extremists on the left are viciously attacking this nominee, as they would any highly qualified nominee they feel may share an ideology with this duly elected president. The left’s assault is a disingenuous smear campaign using slanted language to deliberately misrepresent the facts in an effort to mislead the American people. I offer my humble services as a translator to more closely examine this deceitful leftist rhetoric.

First let’s take a look at why the left uses deceit instead of just saying what they mean. The liberals lost the White House in the last two elections and have lost their decades-long stranglehold on the House and the Senate. The American people have rejected leftist extremism at the ballot box. Now the liberals are desperate to hold on to the courts because unelected and out-of-control federal courts represent the left’s last best hope of forcing their radical agenda upon the American people.

One of the most frequent verbal muggings of Judge Roberts by liberal extremists is their accusation that he opposes women’s rights. They pointedly do not elaborate on what they mean when they say “women’s rights” or even “women’s reproductive rights.”

What they are really talking about is the so-called right to use abortion as a means of birth control. That includes a so-called right to partial birth abortion. And what they are saying to the parents of America is that you have no right to know when your underage daughter is impregnated by a man and he then takes her to have an abortion without your knowledge or permission. They are saying that if this happens to your 15-year-old daughter, it is none of your business.

These liberals are also very fond of accusing Judge Roberts of opposing civil rights. When liberal extremists say “civil rights,” they do not mean the same civil rights that Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. fought and died for. What they are trying to foist upon the American people is unconstitutional racial quotas and the radical gay agenda’s special rights. This is again an effort at social engineering to force their extremist agenda upon the people of America — against their will.

Another favorite accusation by radical liberals is that Judge Roberts as a Supreme Court justice will threaten your right to religious freedom. If there ever was in this country an assault on our religious freedom, it comes from the ACLU and the so-called People for the American Way. These groups attacking Judge Roberts support taking “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance. They support forcing you to allow gay scoutmasters to have unsupervised access to your innocent young son. The ACLU attorneys even defend in court the North American Man-Boy Love Association and the so-called right of these pedophiles and pederasts to advance unfettered sexual access to young boys.

They support redefining marriage to include same-sex marriage and they support ending voluntary prayer in public places. They even oppose pornography filters on public library computers used by children.

These radical leftists support every extremist issue that the overwhelming majority of Americans reject. It is no wonder that they oppose John Roberts — and that they have to cloak the reasons why in deceptive language.

Trent Franks is the Congressman from the 2nd Congressional District of Arizona. He is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, the House Judiciary Committee and Vice Chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee.

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