- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 20, 2005

IRVING, Texas The Redskins and the Cowboys used to be “America’s Rivalry.” Lately, it has been more like Elmer Fudd vs. Bugs Bunny. The NFC East series has been so one-sided there wasn’t much to keep viewers from switching to ESPN for the continuation of the Hurricane Katrina-themed New York Giants-New Orleans Saints game.

The Cowboys were so sure of their 15th victory in 16 meetings and their 10th straight at Texas Stadium against the Redskins that they scheduled the induction of Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin into their Ring of Honor at halftime.

It was like the Redskins were the Cowboys’ homecoming patsy, something that didn’t sit well with the men from Washington last week.

That attitude didn’t seem to matter, but after 55 minutes of offensive ineptitude, Mark Brunell and Santana Moss hooked up for touchdown passes of 39 and 70 yards to stun the Cowboys 14-13 and gladden hearts all around the Beltway.

Q: I was going to ask why Brunell started over Patrick Ramsey since Ramsey can throw interceptions and take sacks as easily as the 35-year-old veteran, but I can’t complain now, can I?

A: I was as shocked as anyone, pal. The entire press box went into furious rewrite mode in the last 3:46. It’s as if the 60-something offensive coaches and their aging quarterback all found the fountain of youth just when another loss in Big D seemed inevitable.

Q: How could Brunell be 2-for-2 for 59 yards on fourth downs and be so unproductive on first, second and third downs until the bomb to Moss?

A: Maybe he wisely lulled the Cowboys to sleep so — like the rest of us — they never saw those big plays coming on fourth down.

Q: How was that catch/fumble by Dallas’ Terry Glenn in the last two minutes of the first half ruled an incompletion? We certainly could have used that field position with our Model T-era offense.

A: The zebras on the field made a bad call, and the guys upstairs compounded the mistake by not reviewing the play.

Q: Feeling pretty smart after LaVar Arrington started last night as you predicted?

A: Yeah, but I also had the Vikings and the Packers making the playoffs, and they’re 0-2 and looking terrible.

Q: Speaking of looking terrible, Shawn Springs and Sean Taylor teamed up to get toasted for a long touchdown again in Dallas. What happened?

A: You would think that Springs and Taylor had never seen a flea flicker. Taylor blew it on Patrick Crayton’s game-winner in December. Springs was responsible for letting Terry Glenn get behind him last night.

Q: Why in blazes were Springs, Derrick Dockery and Rock Cartwright the Redskins’ captains?

A: Captains are purely honorary in football. Dock and Rock are from the Lone Star State. Springs’ father, Ron, used to play for Dallas.

Q: Why did the Cowboys wear those unis from the Don Meredith era?

A: Blame it on Jerry Jones’ marketing boys. The Cowboys wore these same ugly blue jerseys with the white shoulders during the franchise’s first few years. Jones brought them back last Thanksgiving for the same reasons that Dan Snyder’s business guys sell black Redskins gear: to get fans to add to their traditional team garb.

Q: Does every Dallas fan wear a cowboy hat and have a pinch between his cheek and gum?

A: No, just the women.

Q: We Redskins rooters have to live in the past because the present is so forgettable. How about Cowboys fans?

A: It’s not much different here. Sure, it was a night to celebrate Emmitt, Troy and Michael, but almost every jersey in the stands had one of their names on the back instead of any of the current Cowboys.

Q: So how will the Redskins do this week?

A: Hey, I know it’s way past your bedtime, but did you forget that this is their bye week? I guarantee you the Redskins will remain unbeaten until at least October.

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