- The Washington Times - Friday, September 9, 2005

Nobles: The D.C. Armory, for opening its doors to hundreds of homeless victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Of the numerous accounts documenting individual and community efforts to help the displaced Americans of Katrina, this particular local story deserves hometown praise.

As Tarron Lively and Gary Emerling reported yesterday, the Red Cross, aided by dozens of local D.C. volunteers, is helping the approximately 300 evacuees housed at the Armory return to normal life. Since arriving Tuesday, many of them spend their time trying to reconnect with family and friends back home, while others have gone out looking for jobs in the District. The Armory’s usual occupants, the D.C National Guard, have been involved in recovery and relief efforts in the Gulf Coast.

One New Orleans resident, Kenneth Boyd, is particularly grateful. “D.C. has been very good to us,” he said, referring to his girlfriend who made the long journey with him.

For helping to make the best of a horrible situation, those helping evacuees at the D.C. Armory are the Nobles of the week.

Knaves: Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, et al., whose exploitation of Hurricane Katrina reached a new low.

In a bizarre twist on the Katrina exploitation game, Democrats are now saying that the worst national disaster in U.S. history shows how unfit Judge John Roberts is for the Supreme Court.

Their logic is convoluted, so read carefully. Mr. Dean says the White House has not been forthcoming with Judge Roberts’ record on civil rights. The hurricane greatly affected poor blacks. Ergo, “We have a clear moral responsibility to do a better job of ensuring social and economic justice for every American, and there is still far too much that we don’t know about Roberts’ record and beliefs on these critical issues,” Mr. Dean said Friday. He added, “What little we do know of his record in impeding, undermining and rolling back progress on a range of important civil rights issues gives us great concern.”

For blatant political profiteering, Mr. Dean, et al., are the Knaves of the week.

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