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Dick as Democrat

From his Wyoming retreat this week (come to think of it, who’s minding the fort in Washington?) Vice President Dick Cheney held a conference call with reporters about his concerns over the uncertain future of the Democratic Party.

Yes, we said the Democratic Party — and, more specifically, its direction in light of Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman’s “unfortunate” loss in the Democratic primary.

“I know Joe Lieberman and have a good deal of respect for him,” Mr. Cheney said. “And as I look at what happened [Tuesday], it strikes me that it’s a perhaps unfortunate and significant development from the standpoint of the Democratic Party — that what it says about the direction the party appears to be heading in when they, in effect, purge a man like Joe Lieberman, who was just six years ago their nominee for vice president, is of concern …

“So it’s an unfortunate development, I think, from the standpoint of the Democratic Party to see a man like Lieberman pushed aside. …”

Roving left

Still don’t think that the top Republicans in the land are actually more upset than Democrats about Sen. Joe Lieberman’s primary defeat on Tuesday?

Top Bush aide Karl Rove clarified for reporters yesterday that he went so far as to telephone the Connecticut Democrat this week.

“I called him. He’s a personal friend, and I called him,” Mr. Rove said. “It was a personal call. Look, [Senate Minority Leader] Harry Reid’s been at my house for dinner. So I actually do have friendships on the other side of the aisle.”

Murtha translator

The Republican opponent of Rep. John P. Murtha is wasting no time responding to comments the Pennsylvania Democrat posted this week on Arianna Huffington’s leftist blog “Huffington Post.”

Washington County Commissioner and congressional candidate Diana Irey says Mr. Murtha’s latest comments about the war in Iraq and other U.S. foreign policy further confirms that the outspoken, anti-war congressman — a retired Marine — “has turned his back on his constituents in southwestern Pennsylvania in favor of his liberal Democratic allies in San Francisco and Hollywood.”

Translating Mr. Murtha’s posted opinions, Mrs. Irey states: “When Jack Murtha says, ‘Yet the administration refuses to budge from its open-ended, stay-the-course policy,’ what he means is, ‘Darn it, I wish I had the president’s intestinal fortitude — when this guy makes up his mind to accomplish something important, he won’t let anything stand in his way — totally unlike me.’ ”

Goldilocks, et al.

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute has gone to press with its 2007 Great American Conservative Women Calendar.

Past pinup favorites appearing in the new calendar include Ann Coulter, Star Parker, Erika Harold and Michelle Malkin. Making their debut in 2007 are Tennessee congresswoman and assistant majority whip Marsha Blackburn (sorry, guys, she’s married — to a guy named “Chuck”), Carmen Pate, Rebecca Hagelin (sporting the prettiest “goldilocks” in official Washington), Sandy Froman, Laura Ingraham, Randall Phillips and Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao.

Gin Rummy

Good grief, what will oddsmakers post predictions on next?

BetUS.com is now taking bets that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld will relinquish his Pentagon crown. Analysts at the popular betting site posted the following odds, beneath the question: Will Secretary Rumsfeld resign before Dec. 31, 2006:

Yes: 15/2

No: 1/25

Hola, reality

“The town is now more than half Latin American.”

Or so we read in the Weekly Standard cover story this week, headlined “Hola, Delaware!” referring to the historic town of Georgetown, Del., where estimates now put the Latin American population at more than 5,000 — higher than the town’s official population (4,896 persons) in the 2000 census.

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