- The Washington Times - Saturday, August 12, 2006

Greetings from Cincinnati. So much for having to stand in line to get through security at Dulles. I got there 2 hours, 45 minutes before my flight anticipating a long delay. To my shock, I was through in FIVE minutes — that has to be some kind of record for that airport. I know the security gods will get even with me Monday morning at the Cincy airport.

Ideally for a night game, I wouldn’t travel until the day of the game but the lack of affordable flights meant coming a day early. I read last week that Cincinnati was the nation’s most expensive airport to fly into — I believe it.

The updated injury list. Eleven Redskins did not make the trip to Cincinnati - S Curry Burns (hamstring), DL Nic Clemons (knee), WR Taylor Jacobs (hip flexor), CB Ade Jimoh (sternum), OL Kili Lefotu (illness), RB Jesse Lumsden (hip flexor), DT Anthony Montgomery (hamstring), OT Jim Molinaro (knee), TE Calen Powell (hip flexor), LB Kevin Simon (stomach) and DB Aric Williams (hamstring).

I’ll check in from the stadium tomorrow night.



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