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Goodbye, Joseph Curran

In a Page One article addressing the pending retirement of Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran Jr. (“Curtain falls on Curran’s stay on political stage,” Tuesday), valuable insight into Mr. Curran’s views as the chief legal officer of Maryland is provided. One can only hope he was misquoted about why it is good the Democrats control the legislature and the governorship: “ ’If everybody is on the same team, they can march in lock step toward the kind of government people want,’ … adding that he did not see any ‘pitfalls’ to one-party rule.” One might ask if he has ever lived in a totalitarian state such as the former Soviet Union or China.

Babbling on, Mr. Curran said: “If everybody works for the same purpose you are better off than this tug and pull.” Does he believe other views in opposition should not have a voice and serve no purpose? This is the strangest quote I’ve ever heard from a lawyer whose stock in trade is formulating and anticipating arguments on both sides of a case. This one-party rule is exactly what he wants now that Martin O’Malley is the governor-elect of Maryland. No wonder my letters to the inspector general of Maryland asking for fiscal accountability in Baltimore City and the overspending of the budget by numerous city agencies were never answered.

Look out, Republicans in Maryland. The attorney general applauds the elimination of the opposition. The state implements “fair share” budget rules that demand teachers join the union (a glorified and highly partisan Democratic lobby group) or pay the equivalent of union dues to the union even if they don’t join. It entertains bills (vetoed by Republican Gov. Robert L. Erhlich Jr.) that would grant illegal aliens the right to in-state tuition in contravention of federal law. An opinion issued by Mr. Curran’s office called such provisions “not clearly unconstitutional.” The state also provided extended voting periods in heavily Democratic districts (overturned by the Maryland Court of Appeals). It even might brand Republicans with a scarlet R when you voice your opinion.


Edgewater, Md

Thank you, Ambassador Bolton

As the “realists” return in their voguish smug manner, reaffirming the very policies that brought us September 11, a real hero departs the scene. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton defended America’s and freedom’s interests against our enemies and state supporters of the evil that has placed us in perpetual harm’s way (“Bolton quits fight for U.N. nomination,” Page 1, Dec. 5).

Aided by the forces of illiberal elitism on the domestic front, the stars are aligned in an alarming state of denial of the “reality” he bravely confronted.

The gutless nod to naivete from the likes of Sen. Christopher Dodd and the vacuous Sen. Lincoln Chafee (talk about insult to a great name) marks a return to the embrace of illusory “international and bipartisan support.”

These mirages of logic and fraudulent notions of common sense only serve the interests of Turtle Bay (the United Nations’ New York neighborhood) and relief for the likes of that “Latin Khrushchev,” Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela and the madmen in Iran, Syria et al.

As James A. Baker III and Sen. Joseph R. Biden reassure themselves that a return to dialogue can solve what their earlier policies failed to appease, we leave behind a professional who knew and made a difference.

Mr. Bolton led by example. He was always prepared, clear and to the point, and his initiatives continue to have real impact. The Proliferation Security Initiative remains the standard by which all multilateral efforts are measured.

His work to break the vicious evil cycle between providers of weapons of mass destruction and the enemies of freedom are there for all to witness, from A.Q. Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program, to Libya’s Col. Moammar Gadhafi. Is it any surprise that North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il is applauding his departure?

It was John Bolton’s initiatives that forced these disclosures and surrenders. As an ardent student of the President Reagan school of deterrence, Mr. Bolton understood true “realism,” human rights and human dignity and, ultimately, the definition of true service to his country.

Let us hope this hero’s retirement from the field does not come back to haunt us by enabling our enemies to gain the advantage that he so tireless fought to deny them.



File it away — permanently

The Iraq Study Group report is, as Tod Lindberg notes, a flop (“A review of Iraq Study Group,” Op-Ed, Tuesday). It is lying there, gasping for breath, for many reasons, some addressed by Mr. Lindberg, others pertaining to the composition of the group, and still others having to do with the myths propagated by its “eminent” thinkers.

For openers, the suits on this commission were short on military experience and expertise, and some had never toiled in the diplomatic vineyard, either. Many of these well-meaning souls were chosen for reasons of bipartisan comity, not for down-and-dirty knowledge of the problem.

Second, we must question the intelligence of anyone who continues to propagate the notion that if only those pesky Israelis would acquiesce in their own demise, peace would reign on Earth and the Shi’ites would embrace their Sunni confreres.

Should I also be prepared to believe that the Jews are responsible for global warming, my thinning hair and constant lumbago? The harebrained idea that an established two-state solution will usher in an era of Sunni-Shi’ite civility or stay the hand of Islamist radicals is a delusion — and dangerous to boot.

In fact, it is so delusional that it deserves its own table at Harry Hope’s bar, the setting for Eugene O’Neill’s “The Iceman Cometh,” where all tables are occupied by basically decent but completely deluded fools.

President Bush should consign this report of mostly foolish recommendations to the same shelf that holds his book on helpful Democratic congressional leaders.


Cincinnati, Ohio


Two reasons cited for the skyrocketing out-of-wedlock birthrate were: 1) Today’s women want out-of-wedlock children, and 2) They see out-of-wedlock children as a symbol of their independence and empowerment (“Birth trend travail,” Commentary, Dec. 4)

There is another reason that overwhelms those two reasons. Children have been told by Planned Parenthood and other organizations for at least two generations that premarital sex is fine as long as contraceptives are used, but contraceptives often fail, and women become pregnant. Because many of them don’t want to abort their babies, an out-of-wedlock birth frequently is the result. Teens carry this Planned Parenthood propaganda into adulthood.

The authors (Jeffrey Leving and Glenn Sacks) cite single parenthood as the major cause of teen pregnancies, so the problem grows larger with each generation. The obvious solution is for society to restore abstinence prior to marriage as a model, as it was used successfully for decades before the failed sexual revolution wreaked havoc on society.



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