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Unspecified threat

British police said Sunday they had warned Heather Mills-McCartney, the estranged wife of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney, of a “non-specific threat” to her safety.

Police said they had learned of the threat on Thursday and informed Mrs. Mills-McCartney, 38.

“Police can confirm that Mills-McCartney was spoken to by officers and was fully informed of all the information, including details of the names of individuals involved,” said Bernie Murphy, Sussex Police Force Command and Control Centre Supervisor.

“In addition, Mills-McCartney’s estranged husband was also spoken to. Police are satisfied there’s no imminent risk to Mills-McCartney,” he said.

“Local officers have been fully briefed regarding the circumstances and provision has been made for an immediate police response should this be necessary,” he added.

The former model and Mr. McCartney, 64, have a 3-year-old daughter. They announced the end of their four-year marriage in May.

But the divorce has turned into an acrimonious affair played out in the press, with leaked divorce papers last month claiming Mr. McCartney mistreated his second wife.

Mr. McCartney has said through his lawyers that he would “vigorously” defend himself against the allegations.

Thin no longer ‘in’

Italy will introduce rules this week to keep very young and very thin models off the catwalks, with a new code of ethics for designers to promote a healthier body image, the government said in comments published yesterday.

The text is due to be signed Friday by the government and two leading fashion associations, the Italian Fashion Federation and Alta Moda. The aim is to promote “a healthy and generous image of beauty,” youth minister Giovanna Melandri said.

Under the agreement, anyone with a body mass index less than the recommended healthy limit of 18 — the equivalent of a person 5-feet-6-inches tall and weighing 117 pounds — will be banned from modelling on the catwalk.

Models will receive a medical examination to check their body mass index before fashion shows, and girls younger than 16 will be forbidden from appearing.

Designers also will commit to making their collections available in bigger sizes so that they are not reserved exclusively for the very thin.

Ms. Melandri told the newspaper Il Messaggero that the agreement aims to revive a type of “Mediterranean beauty.”

The agreement follows similar measures in Spain, where several models were prevented from appearing in a Madrid fashion show in September under a regional law aimed at fighting anorexia, after they measured below the index limit.

The new regulations will be enforced at the major fashion shows in Rome in January and in Milan the following month.

Last month, 21-year-old Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston died from anorexia. She was 5-feet-8-inches tall and weighed 88 pounds.

Will disputed

Anna Nicole Smith arrived Friday at a federal courthouse in San Francisco to continue her legal battle over her late husband’s fortune.

At issue is the will of oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall III, which did not include Miss Smith. She has argued he intended to provide for her through a special trust.

The case made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which revived the former Playboy playmate’s pursuit of her late husband’s estate by ruling she deserved another day in court.

Miss Smith initially won a $474 million judgment, which was cut to about $89 million and eventually reduced to zero before the Supreme Court stepped in.

Mr. Marshall died in 1995 at age 90, a year after they married. Miss Smith was 26 when they wed.

The Supreme Court said in May that only federal courts in California could deal with her case despite a Texas state court ruling that Mr. Marshall’s youngest son was sole heir to the estate.

Miss Smith’s arrival at the downtown courthouse, wearing a black dress and sunglasses, marked the first time she left the Bahamas since the death of her son, Daniel, and the birth of her daughter, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, in September.

• Compiled by Kevin Chaffee from wire reports.



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