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Bad sign

“The crowd at the Learning Annex ‘Wealth Expo’ [in Boston] had spent two full days in countless seminars and workshops being told that, at its absolute core, becoming a millionaire was mostly a matter of thinking like a millionaire.

“Yet despite it all, none were greeted with the same fanfare as the final speaker of the weekend: The lights went down, screens throughout the massive convention hall lit up with the words TRUMP IS IN THE HOUSE. …

“[Donald] Trump painted a fairly bleak portrait of ‘what this country is doing to destroy itself.’ … With Bush, ‘everything is a lie.’ Rumsfeld is an ‘idiot’ who got us bogged down in a ‘stupid’ war. Weak diplomats are making us ‘the laughing stock of the world.’ Condoleezza Rice is a ‘very fine, very nice woman,’ but he’d rather have ‘a horrible woman doing what she’s doing if she was effective.’ In a Dobbsian moment, he complained nations like China and Saudi Arabia ‘are making more money than any countries in the history of the world because of American stupidity.’

“It cannot be a good sign for the Republican Party that thousands of hopeful entrepreneurs, most of whom had recently attended workshops on minimizing their federal tax burden, cheered this assessment with enthusiasm.”

— Shawn Macomber, writing on “Straight Shooter,” Wednesday in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

Jews for Christmas

“Being Jewish, I should report, Christmas was never celebrated by my family. But what was there not to like about the holiday? … The decorated trees were nice, the lights were beautiful, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ was a great movie, and some of the best Christmas songs were even written by Jews. …

“I am getting the idea that too many Jews won’t be happy until they pull off their own version of the Spanish Inquisition, forcing Christians to either deny their faith and convert to agnosticism or suffer the consequences.

“I should point out that many of these people abhor Judaism every bit as much as they do Christianity. …

“This is a Christian nation, my friends. And all of us are fortunate it is one, and that so many millions of Americans have seen fit to live up to the highest precepts of their religion. … Speaking as a member of a minority group — and one of the smaller ones at that — I say it behooves those of us who don’t accept Jesus Christ as our savior to show some gratitude to those who do, and to start respecting the values and traditions of the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens, just as we keep insisting that they respect ours.

“Merry Christmas, my friends.”

— Burt Prelutsky, writing on “The Jewish grinch who stole Christmas,” Wednesday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Bible boom

“Always a dependable seller, the Bible is in the midst of a boom. … ‘Bibles are a growth area for us and we’re giving them more space in our stores,’ said Jane Love, religion buyer for Barnes & Noble. …

“There are PDA Bibles; audio versions like James Earl Jones reading the New Testament and Zondervan’s just released ‘Bible Experience’ with the voices of such African-American stars as Angela Bassett, Denzel Washington and Cuba Gooding Jr. Coming soon from Thomas Nelson: Johnny Cash reading the New Testament. There are Bibles aimed at children and teens, Bibles aimed at women. … Prices range from $1 to almost $200 for a 2,400-page study Bible hand bound in calfskin.”

— Joanne Kaufman, writing on “Heavens, Bibles Are Booming,” Wednesday in the Wall Street Journal

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