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Oscar agenda

“Hollywood loves Islamic terrorists. Especially Palestinian ones. And they don’t care for Israel, either.

“That’s the message we got with [last week’s] announcement of Oscar nominations. Oscar turns 78, and dementia in old age has apparently set in.

“Both Steven [Spielberg’s] ‘Munich’ and pro-Hamas Palestinians’ ‘Paradise Now’ (Best Foreign Film) got nominations for Oscars. …

“But the most meaningful award, box office returns, gave both movies a strong thumbs down. Both movies, which legitimize Islamic terrorists, were huge flops. …

“‘Syriana’ — which also paints Islamic terrorists as nice people who had to do it because we made them lose their jobs on the oil fields, so they had to turn to extremist Islam and homicide bombs — also got nominated (blowhard George Clooney as Best Actor).

“Oscar also loves gay agenda films, too, apparently. Not only did ‘Brokeback Mountain’ get eight nominations, but ‘TransAmerica’ was also nominated.”

— Debbie Schlussel, writing on “The Terrorism (& Gay) Oscars,” Tuesday at www.debbieschlussel.com

Not so scary

“There now … nominating a conservative to the Supreme Court wasn’t that scary, was it? Hey, who wants to go again?

“Democrats have the most exaggerated reputation for fearsomeness since Saddam Hussein’s vaunted ‘Elite Republican Guard’ — the ones who ran like scared schoolgirls when U.S. forces toppled Iraq in 17 days flat. …

“[W]ithin days of Bush’s nominating Democrat [Sen.] Harry Reid’s friend Harriet Miers, every Republican in the nation was opposed to her. …

“Only because of the grassroots revolt against Miers were Republicans in Washington finally forced to face their worst nightmare.

“Terror, thy name is Samuel Alito. Or as he is now known: ‘Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.’ …

“That’s what happens when you win elections. No wonder Democrats don’t get this — they’ve only won a couple of elections in the last quarter-century.”

— Ann Coulter, writing on “Alito … Boo!” Wednesday in WorldNetDaily at worldnetdaily.com

Winning the war

“Ever since the Cato Institute fired syndicated columnist Doug Bandow over the revelation that disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff had asked and paid him to write articles favorable to his clients, the Left and some in the media have launched a witch hunt against conservative writers with links to private industry. Yet, during this burning time, no one is asking the question: What are opinion pieces for? …

“An opinion piece … exists to promote a point of view by argument. … A sloppily constructed, poorly thought-out argument will convince no one — while a tightly constructed, coherent, and well-written argument can sway minds. That is why opinion pieces are considered intellectual ammunition in the war of ideas. …

“It was the Austrian economist and enemy of socialism F. A. Hayek who first spelled out to conservatives that they were engaged in a war of ideas. Since the rise of Reaganism, conservatives have been winning this war and the opinion pages of newspapers are one of the chief battlegrounds.

“It is therefore in the Left’s interest to deny this ground to their enemy. … The war of ideas, unwinnable for the Left, has been replaced by a war on writers based on prejudice.”

— Iain Murray, writing on “What Are Op-Eds For?” Wednesday in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

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