- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 8, 2006

From State Department Report on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Sept. 13, 1999:

Iraq continues to deny weaponizing VX nerve agent, despite the fact that UNSCOM found VX nerve agent residues on Iraqi SCUD missile warhead fragments. Based on its investigations, international experts concluded that “Iraq has the know-how and process equipment, and may possess precursors to manufacture as much as 200 tons of VX … The retention of a VX capability by Iraq cannot be excluded by the UNSCOM international expert team.”… Iraq refuses to allow inspection of thousands of Ministry of Defense and Military Industries Commission documents relating to biological and chemical weapons and long-range missiles… Apart from one document referring to a single year, no Iraqi biological weapon production records have been given to the U.N. — no records of storage, of filling into munitions, or of destruction. This is why UNSCOM refers to Iraq’s biological weapons program… as a “black hole.” The Iraqis have repeatedly changed their story about their biological weapons warheads. Iraq has revised several times its declarations regarding the precise locations of warhead destruction and the fill of warheads.

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