- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 11, 2006

From op-ed by National Security Adviser Sandy Berger published Nov. 23, 1998, in the international Al Hayat:

“[T]he entire world is fed up with Iraq’s continuing deception and defiance. Iraq agreed as a condition of the Gulf War cease-fire that it would disclose its weapons of mass destruction arsenal within 15 days. Instead, it has spent the better part of a decade shirking its obligations, withholding information from the inspectors, blocking their work, destroying information in plain sight. There is no clearer example than the recent discovery that Iraq produced VX — the most deadly chemical in the world — and loaded it into missile warheads that could be launched at any time against its neighbors. Experts from over a dozen countries have now confirmed this finding… Certainly, when it comes to a rogue regime with weapons of mass destruction and a history of using them, the United States and its friends in the Muslim world must continue to be united — because we are all at risk.”

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