- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 26, 2006

It’s a cryin’ shame that protest singers are so fixated on President Bush. Partisan politics notwithstanding, one has to agree that there are many ills in this world that should be, but aren’t, exercising the consciences of today’s politicized rockers. Off the top of our head:

Gender-based birth control — In India alone, 10 million female fetuses have been aborted during the last 20 years solely because of their sex. China’s one-child policy, too, no doubt accounts for untold millions of never-born girls. Why no word from fem-rockers like Ani DiFranco and Sleater-Kinney? (Hint: It might strain their pro-choice muscles.)

Castro’s Cuba — Sure, reasonable people may disagree with how detainees are treated at Guantanamo Bay. But what about life outside the U.S. compound? Surely, free health care alone can’t excuse the stranglehold on the press, abuse of Cuban dissidents or the quarantining of AIDS patients, can it?

Robert Mugabe — Beggared Zimbabweans today live with the world’s worst inflation rate, mass unemployment and a runaway AIDS epidemic, thanks in no small part to this strongman. So why no “Rockers against Zimbabwe”?

Radical Islam’s assault on free expression — We anxiously await a star-studded tribute album to murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

Telemarketers — Soon they’ll be calling cell phones en masse. Come on, Conor Oberst, get angry. The president won’t be able to talk to God anymore, what with these yahoos hogging his minutes.

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