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Term limits

“Spurred by plunging approval numbers and his failure to produce for the American people, the president’s term will come to an early and untimely end on May 14. It seems the public has had its fill of liberal fantasy-land President Josiah Bartlet.

“‘The West Wing,’ canceled after seven seasons on NBC, has been a safe haven for those who can’t bear the reality that somewhere, out there, large groups of Americans have elected and re-elected George W. Bush. Some say the show actually mirrored real life in D.C., and they may be correct. After all, sometimes it’s easier to accept that Alan Alda is a Republican senator than say, Arlen Specter.”

— Lisa Fabrizio, writing on “The West Fling,” Jan. 25 in National Review Online


“I’m embarrassed that America allows itself to be pushed around by a corrupt tinpot oligarchy in Mexico. …

“That’s how I’m feeling … after reading the reports of outgunned, outmanned Texas law enforcement officers and Border Patrol agents being involved in an armed standoff with Mexican military personnel and drug smugglers inside our country, north of the Rio Grande. …

“Wars have certainly started with less provocation than this.

“Despite what President Bush says or may believe, Mexico is not our friend. It is a country that oppresses its own people. Blessed with great natural resources and climate, Mexico is an economic basket case. Wealth is amassed by politicians and criminals — and often they are one and the same.

“I don’t blame ordinary Mexicans for trying to flee. …

“Bush has failed in many ways as president. But in no area has he been a more profound failure than in his handling of the border and illegal-immigration issues. He has disgraced this nation. And what we saw happen a few days ago in Texas, his home state, is just the latest example of his abdication of responsibility.”

— Joseph Farah, writing on “Mexican standoff,” Thursday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Little lies

“[Last week], like a big boy, James Frey made it through ‘Oprah’ without his mommy. When we last saw Frey, on ‘Larry King Live’ on Jan. 11, his mother shared the hot … seat for the last few segments. Mrs. Frey beamed and smacked her hands together when Oprah Winfrey, in a superb bit of mediacraft, phoned in at the 59th minute to declare her continued support for ‘A Million Little Pieces,’ a memoir which, as you may have heard, is full of [lies].

“A fortnight later, Oprah was ready to reverse her position, to confess that her judgment had been ‘clouded’ by the huzzahs of the Frey faithful, to apologize to her constituents, and to call Frey on the carpet. His mother would have no part in the proceedings. …

“[Mr. Frey] gave the impression of a kid in the principal’s office. … Because he was in a proper venue for psychobabble, he flung some low-grade spin at the issue of his falsifications: ‘I think part of what happened with a number of things in the book is when you go through an experience like the one I went through, you develop different coping mechanisms, and I think one of the coping mechanisms I developed was sort of this image of myself that was probably greater than — not probably, it was greater than I actually was.’ It was cute that he tried. …

“It was riveting television. As James Frey will tell you, everyone loves a good story of redemption.”

— Troy Patterson, writing on “Oprah’s Apology,” Thursday in Slate at www.slate.com

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