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“In their attempt to be ‘in but not of’ the world of faithful America, Democrats have struck a uniquely tone-deaf chord.

“Consider the almost schizophrenic ramblings of Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean on the matter of faith in public life in the order in which they were uttered:

” ‘We are definitely going to do religious outreach. Even in my campaign I was interested in reaching out to evangelicals.’

” ‘The issue is: Are we going to live in a theocracy where the highest powers tell us what to do? Or are we going to be allowed to consult our own high powers when we make very difficult decisions?’

” ‘[Republicans] all behave the same. They all look the same. It’s pretty much a white Christian party.’

” ‘The religious community has to decide whether they want to be tax exempt or involved in politics.’

” ‘The truth is, we have an enormous amount in common with the Christian community, and particularly with the evangelical Christian community.’

“It doesn’t get any more inauthentic than that. And this is from the leader of the Democratic Party.”

Patrick Hynes, writing on “Democrats of Little Faith,” Friday in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

Graying boomers

…”On his 55th birthday, reporters asked President Bush if he would shoot his age in golf. This year, as he turns 60 the question is whether his age will keep up with his disapproval ratings.

“In an apparent sign of human progress, not a single newsmagazine marked the president’s 60th by putting the baby boom generation on the cover. There was a time when you didn’t need a calendar to know the year ended in ‘6.’ Time told us when the baby boom turned 40. Life told us when boomers hit 50.

—”Of course, the case for human progress might be stronger if Newsweek hadn’t jumped the gun back in November 2005, with a cover called ‘Ready or Not, Boomers Turn 60.’ If one newsmagazine can commemorate the baby boom’s conception, perhaps another ought to preview its demise. U.S. News could save its cover on ‘The Baby Boom at 100’ for 2046, but why wait, and run the risk that neither newsweeklies nor our generation will still be around? Boomers are the target audience for these covers, so we should have the chance to read them before we’ve forgotten which generational cohort we belong to.”

Bruce Reed, writing on “Not a Boom, But a Whimper,” July 6 in Slate at www.slate.com

The need for speed

…”Driving on the highways is safer today than ever before.

“In 2005, according to new data from the National Highway [Traffic] Safety Administration, the rate of injuries per mile traveled was lower than at any time since the Interstate Highway System was built 50 years ago. …

“As a public policy matter, this steady decline is a vindication of the repeal of the 55 miles per hour federal speed limit law in 1995. …

“This may seem non-controversial now, but at the time the debate was shrill and filled with predictions of doom. Ralph Nader claimed that ‘history will never forgive Congress for this assault on the sanctity of human life.’ —

“We are often told, by nanny-state advocates, that such public goods as safety require a loss of liberty. In the case of speed limits and traffic deaths, that just isn’t so.”

From “Safe at Any Speed,” an editorial Friday in the Wall Street Journal

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