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Treason and the NewYork Times

As Thomas Sowell accurately says (“Is patriotism obsolete?” Commentary, Saturday) the story that we had broken the Japanese secret code, published by the Chicago Tribune during World War II, was not picked up by the Japanese government and thus did not affect the outcome the war. The interesting question, which Mr. Sowell did not address, is: Why was it not picked up? Perhaps that was because the story was never repeated, and perhaps it was never repeated because the U.S. government applied sufficient pressure on the owner of the Tribune, deterring him from continuing the story, a lesson the current administration might do well to learn.

Treason is a capital crime listed and defined in the Constitution. Article III, Section 3 states, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

In the past, treason was not tolerated. We need to remember that the Rosenbergs were executed for revealing classified atomic bomb information to the Soviet Union. Now we are in a war against even more dangerous enemies, who have the intent to destroy us. They have the motivation, the knowledge, the financial resources and fanatics who are willing to commit suicide just to kill a few “infidels.” However, their greatest weapon is our tolerance of evil, our reluctance to use brutal force and our seeming unwillingness to enforce our own laws.

Both the New York Times and the government employee committed treason as well as violating the specific law that prohibits the disclosure and publication of such classified information. The editors and reporters of the Times should be brought before a grand jury and forced to disclose the identity of the criminal who leaked the classified information. If they refuse to testify, they should be held in prison for contempt and/or prosecuted for obstruction of justice, violation of the law and treason against the United States.

Nothing in our Constitution gives the press the right to violate our laws or commit treason simply by asserting a public “need to know” but the press will continue to defy our law if we let it. The real responsibility now is on President Bush.



D.C.’s foolish gun ban

The headline “Georgetown up in arms over stabbing of activist,” (Page 1, yesterday) was sadly ironic because D.C. residents are prevented by law from carrying firearms to protect themselves. At a community meeting Monday evening which I attended, D.C. Council member Jack Evans and police District commander Andy Solberg were asked what citizens might carry to defend and protect themselves. Mr. Evans suggested Mace or a whistle. The captain’s recommendation was to “run to your home the moment you sense danger.” That’s essentially the same as being defenseless.

With armed, predatory criminals roaming our residential streets, it is high time for the D.C. Council to reconsider its misguided and failed policy on gun restrictions. Decent, law-abiding citizens have a basic right to self-defense. What an absolute, crying shame that the District denies us that essential liberty.



Mexico tests our patience

How long are American taxpayers going to be considered fools (“Dallas hospital plans to bill Mexico,” Nation, Sunday)? The government of Mexico encourages its poor to come illegally to the United States by printing comic books on how to enter the country and take advantage of American taxpayers. This practice should come to an end — and soon.

Illegal aliens’ babies born on American soil should stop being considered American citizens, and we should challenge this outrage in order to stop illegal immigration as well. I am not surprised that Hugo Juarez of the Mexican Consulate is upset that his country might be required to pay its citizens’ medical bills, but many of our own senior citizens can’t pay for their prescriptions.


Nuevo, Calif.

Hamas and terrorist barbarism

Thank you for publishing Victor Davis Hanson’s column “The Israel enigma” (Commentary, Saturday). What is astounding about the conflict is the sheer ferocity of Arab hatred for Israel, and the rest of the world’s (the United States excepted) utter lack of compassion for Israel’s plight.

When the European Union condemns Israel for exercising “disproportionate force” in its incursion to free kidnapped Israeli Cpl. Gilad Shalit from his Hamas captors, it disregards the tremendous value Israel puts on the lives of each citizen and ignores the incomprehensibly painful fate that likely awaits the young corporal if Israel cannot free him.

Indeed, the lack of human compassion among the Palestinian terrorists cannot be emphasized enough. Consider a roadside attack in which Palestinian terrorists stopped a car driven by an 8-months-pregnant Israeli woman, Tali Hatuel, 34, killed her, and then killed her four daughters by shooting each young girl twice in the back of the head at point-blank range while the girls hugged one another. These were deliberate, coldblooded, methodically carried-out executions of an innocent mother and children, targeted for death solely because they were Jews and Israelis. In effect, these acts of barbarity denied the humanity of the Israeli victims, as it is impossible to imagine a sane human being looking into the eyes of a child or pregnant woman and carrying out such a horrific murder with such deliberate intent.

Where does such hate and denial of the humanity of Jews originate? Sadly, it is systematically indoctrinated in young, impressionable minds by the state-run schools and media of the Arab/Islamic world, and it permeates the Arab culture. This is the mindset of the terrorists whom Israel must live alongside — the terrorists who bomb Israeli children in schools, buses, malls, discos and pizzerias and see themselves as martyrs destined for paradise.

Yet the world continues to appease and indulge this hatred and terror in ways large and small. For instance, during the World Cup soccer tournament, John Pantsil, a defender for Ghana’s national team, waved a small Israeli flag after each of Ghana’s goals. It so happens that Mr. Pantsil plays professionally for an Israeli team, Hapoel Tel Aviv, and he wanted to acknowledge the loyal Israeli fans who had traveled to Germany to cheer for him and his team. FIFA, the international body governing soccer, had no problem with the innocent gesture, but the Ghanaian Football Association’s response to its player’s expression of solidarity with his Israeli teammates and fans was to issue a formal apology to the Arab League: “He’s unaware of international politics. We apologize to anybody who was offended… We promise that it will never happen again.” In effect, Ghana apologized to the Arab world and everyone who hates Israel because one of it players acknowledged that Israel exists. Unfortunately, by appeasing Arab hate for Jews and Israel, even at a mere sports event, the GFA in effect promotes and validates it.

When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust and vows to “wipe Israel off the map” or when Hamas leaders similarly vow to annihilate the Jewish state, we must take these groups at their word that their intention is genocidal. When they and their terrorist allies carry out barbaric attacks, the world must condemn them unequivocally. The world must stop appeasing and excusing their extreme and unremitting hate for Jews and Israel.


Walnut Creek, Calif.

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