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Britney: ‘Pro-love’

“Good old Britney — she never lets us down. She approaches career crises with all the care and precision she brings to birth control. … Problems? We Britney fans do not use that word. We call them ‘fun clusters.’ So when she changes her baby’s diaper on the floor at Victoria’s Secret, she’s just showing us the way. When she goes on TV with a mouthful of gum, offering Matt Lauer her Wrigley-flavored wisdom about karma and Kabbalah and how being married to [Kevin Federline] is ‘awesome,’ she is lighting a path for us all to follow. As Britney said to Matt Lauer, ‘I think everybody should be pro-love, you know?’ When it comes to Britney, aren’t we all pro-love?”

—Rob Sheffield, writing on “Oops!” in the July 13-27 issue of Rolling Stone

Gambling nanny

“The methods of the nanny state are many, but her intent can be summed up thusly down through the years: You, the American people … no longer know what’s good for you. …

“[B]y a vote of 317 to 93, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that seeks to curb or eliminate the practice of Internet wagering by blocking the use of credit card and wire-transfer transactions. Supporters of the bill call online betting the ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling, an immoral practice that constitutes a threat to ‘the children.’

“The lotto menu of my own state of Connecticut offers Powerball, Classic Lotto, Cash5, Mid-Day3, Mid-Day4, Play3 and Play4; not to mention 115 instant scratch-off games. There are currently 41 such states whose lottery-type games raked in a cool $49 billion in 2004 alone. …

“Which brings us to the real reason for the bill to curtail online gambling: ‘This year alone, Americans will send $5.9 billion to unregulated, offshore, online casinos.’ They say that the law is a jealous mistress, but our nanny is much more covetous; of untaxed profits, that is. The fact that these companies are foreign and on the Internet is what most galls our government bookmakers. …

“Your good old-fashioned neighborhood bookie has been harassed and jailed as an immoral blight on the purity of the nanny state, while our surrogate mother herself continues to suck the blood out of her poorest citizens.”

—Lisa Fabrizio, writing on “Mary Poppins Gone Mad,” July 19 in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

‘Values’ myth

“The myth of the redemptive Hispanic is finally cracking. For years, conservative open-borders advocates have touted Hispanic ‘family values’ as a prime reason to increase immigration. Hispanic immigrants, these conservatives say, will save America from itself. At a time when Anglo and black families are disintegrating, when society is becoming increasingly atomized and alienated, Hispanics will bring the traditional values that the country so desperately needs. …

“The truth is now supplanting the fiction. Last Friday, the New York Times ran an editorial … that laid out the real state of the Hispanic family. A quarter of all Latinas are mothers by the age of 20, few of them married, reported the Times. This out-of-wedlock teen birth rate is three times that of white teens and significantly more than that of blacks as well. The Hispanic dropout rate is also the highest in the country — the Manhattan Institute’s Jay Greene puts it at 47 percent.

“There is simply no way to square the facts about Hispanic family breakdown with the myth of the redemptive Hispanic.”

—Heather MacDonald, writing on “Myth Debunked,” Monday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

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