- The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Behind the veil

“These days, being a Muslim woman means being saddled with what can only be referred to as the ‘burden of pity.’ The feelings of compassion that we Muslim women seem to inspire emanate from very distinct and radically opposed currents: religious extremists of our own faith, and evangelical and secular supporters of empire in the West. …

“The veil, illiteracy, domestic violence, gender apartheid and genital mutilation have become so many hot-button issues that symbolize our status as second-class citizens in our societies. These expressions of compassion are often met with cynical responses in the Muslim world, which further enrages the missionaries of women’s liberation. Why, they wonder, do Muslim women not seek out the West’s help in freeing themselves from their societies’ retrograde thinking? The poor things, they are so oppressed they do not even know they are oppressed.”

— Laila Lalami, writing on “The Missionary Position,” in the June 19 issue of the Nation

Conservative mirage

“Although it sounds ludicrous in a time when conservatives nominally rule the airwaves, the legislative, judicial and executive branches; 2006 may well be one day viewed as a low point for the American conservative. For politics is not mathematics, and it knows no transitive law. It is true that many institutions and individuals are Republican, and certainly the Republican Party is supposed to be America’s conservative party, but this does not equal conservative dominance of the political scene.

“For neither the institutions nor the individuals can be relied upon to work toward conservative goals. Most of the conservative actions taken in the last 20 years can be best described as holding actions, not actions intended to lower the rising tide of central government influence or combat societal devolution.

“The malaise is movement-wide. Indeed, it is debatable as to which group is in worse shape, the ‘conservative’ politicians or the ‘conservative’ commentariat. While the leftward drift of the administration and the Congress have not escaped notice despite the best efforts of its cheerleaders to play it down; the abandonment of principle in favor of pragmatism has caused many in the so-called conservative media to do the likewise.”

— Vox Day, writing on “The vanishing conservative,” Monday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

Campus Commie

“Of the numerous Communists now teaching on American campuses, Angela Davis is probably the most famous — having run for vice-president on the party’s ticket in 1980 and ‘84. But of the seven “University Professors” in the University of California system, Davis is surely the only one who gained that title without having produced a serious scholarly work.

“Davis does, of course, possess the distinction of having fled from the FBI and having been tried for involvement in a 1970 plot to free her imprisoned lover — a Black Panther awaiting trial for murder. This plot resulted in the death of four people, including Judge Harold Haley, whose ‘head was blown off by a sawed-off shotgun owned by Professor Davis.’ Davis, however, acting as her own lawyer to avoid cross-examination, was found not guilty of the charges against her — thus setting the stage for the honors that were lavished upon her by both the Soviet Union (the International Lenin Peace Prize) and the University of California system.”

— Richard Kirk, writing on “The Weatherman Aboveground,” Monday in the American Spectator Online at www.spectator.org

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