- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yesterday at Winged Foot, the Rover stumbled across one of the most disturbing sights in his 12 years as a golf writer: a middle-aged man with a tattoo of Augusta National’s logo on his calf. Now, not only did this herald the fact that the ink craze has apparently infected the silver spoon, single-malt crowd, it might qualify as the most misguided and anomalous attempt at reverence seen by the Rover since he marveled at souvenir beer mugs adorned with the Papal seal in Spain (1997). Hootie and the boys should sue for trademark infringement.

This week’s U.S. Open merchandise tent is home to, among other pecuniary atrocities, the $40 baseball cap. Welcome to Westchester County.

Speaking of Westchester, the area is home to such an insane embarrassment of golf riches that Winged Foot might not be the best club within a mile of this year’s U.S. Open. Just a few 3-woods down the road from Winged Foot is Quaker Ridge, which many locals claim is a better track than this week’s Open host.

- Barker Davis



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