- The Washington Times - Friday, June 16, 2006

Nobles: Congressional Republicans, for calling the Democrats’ bluff and sending a message of support to the troops in Iraq.

The Editorial Page has its complaints with Republicans in both the House and Senate, but when it comes to the biggest issue of the day — Iraq — they are almost always where they should be: determined and patient.

On Thursday, the Senate resoundingly rejected a pull-out resolution modeled on Sen. John Kerry’s recent proposal to bring the troops home by year’s end. The House followed suit yesterday, rejecting a similarly worded timetable for withdrawal. In both cases, the votes were forced by Republicans.

Sure, it’s partly political, especially when it forces Democrats like Rep. John Murtha to vote against the very proposals they advocate. But it’s also important to send the message to the troops in the field that, no matter how partisan the rhetoric gets back home, Congress has not abandoned them. President Bush deserves credit as well for traveling to Iraq at the beginning of the week and speaking directly with the troops.

For letting their actions speak louder than their words, congressional Republicans are the Nobles of the week.

Knaves: The so-called “Angry Left,” especially Kerry spokesman David Wade, who reached into their “Fitzmas” stockings only to find a lump of coal.

This takes a bit of an explanation. The left-wing blogosphere, typified by such virulent sites as DailyKos.com, dubbed the day that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald handed down indictments in the Valerie Plame leak case last year “Fitzmas,” meaning it would be like Christmas for the liberals who have long wished to see a whole bevy of Bush administration officials carted off to jail. What they got instead was the indictment of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby — a high-ranking administration official, but hardly the top dog they were hoping for.

After that disappointment, the liberal bloggers began celebrations over the “imminent” indictment of Karl Rove, truly the gem in the administration’s crown. The site Truthout.org still insists its recent story on Mr. Rove’s indictment was correct, despite the whole world now knowing that Mr. Rove won’t be indicted after all. Readers can see for themselves what this disappointment has done to the left-wing blogosphere by perusing the temper tantrums at DemocraticUnderground.com.

One would think Capitol Hill aides would be a little better balanced than their denizens in cyberspace, but check out this statement from Mr. Wade, Sen. John Kerry’s spokesman: “The closest Karl Rove ever came to combat was these last months spent worrying his cellmates might rough him up in prison. This porcine political operative can’t cut and run from the truth any longer.”

For letting their rank partisanship affect their better judgment, the “Angry Left” blogosphere and Mr. Wade are the Knaves of the week.

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