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‘Dumb cluck’

“Oops, she’s done it again. Natalie Maines, the pudgy, pug-faced, pugnacious Dixie Chick, just can’t seem to keep her Jimmy Choos out of her mouth. …

“Of course, one could dismiss her as an ill-informed dumb cluck who unfortunately made the wrong left turn. The reviews of the controversy-seeking Chicks’ recent performances in London have been far from enthusiastic. … Victims again, they complained to their British fans about their new album not being played on American country music stations. But several of the reviewers commented that the once cheerful Chicks looked tired and glum, and one noted they ‘wear their broken hearts like … bleeding, open sores.’ Very entertaining. I guess they may be beginning to learn that when you take the girls out of the country and the country out of the girls, you are left with not very much.”

— Myrna Blyth, writing on “Dumb Clucks,” Thursday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

Sin and sausage

“It’s common knowledge that you don’t want to see how they make sausage and laws. Upton Sinclair wrote ‘The Jungle’ in 1906 and took care of the sausage problem.

“In 2006, the centennial of the Pure Food and Drug Act that cleaned up the meat-packing industry, it would be cool if someone wrote a second book to fix the other mess. No such publication will be forthcoming.

“Now part of the messiness of law-making is intentional. Man is a sinner: Even those who don’t acknowledge that in their creeds acknowledge it in practice. (This is why my next door neighbor, who is appalled at my Neanderthal notion of sin, locks her car doors.) Thus was begotten the ingeniously cumbersome machinery known as the United States government, whose “checks and balances” check Peter’s selfishness and balance Paul’s desires because we wouldn’t do right voluntarily.”

— Andree Seu, writing on “Providential Mess,” in the June 24 issue of World

‘New truth’?

“[T]he first female Anglican primate-elect ever [Katharine Jefferts Schori ] declared, ‘Our mother Jesus gives birth to a new creation. And you and I are His children.’

“This is what my friend Dr. Peter Toon of the Prayer Book Society of the USA has called the ‘New Episcopal Religion.’ We might just as well call it Baby Boomer Religion. …

“Reality changes. Truth changes. As Dr. E. Bevan Stanley of the Diocese of Newark told the House of Deputies on Wednesday, ‘For some 30 years, the Holy Spirit has been guiding this church into the understanding of a new truth that culminated in the actions in 2003.’

“That was when the Episcopal Church first ordained a homosexual bishop, the Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson of the Diocese of New Hampshire. The ‘holy spirit’ made them do it. …

“[T]he Episcopal Church is not a Christian church. It is a liberal church. And it is dying with its generation.”

— Hans Zeiger, writing on “Baby boomer religion,” Thursday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

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