- The Washington Times - Friday, March 17, 2006

Nobles: Loudoun County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Sayre, for saving a hostage’s life with one incredible shot.

The standoff that occurred Monday night out near Dulles in Loudoun County is quite bizarre. A motorist, Aleksandrin Bozhilov, pulls into an Exxon station for a fill-up. When he goes to pay for the gas, the cashier tells him it’ll be $16. Bozhilov snaps, jumps the counter and accosts the cashier, whom he would not release for the next four hours.

Police quickly arrived at the scene thinking it was a robbery gone bad. In truth, no one really knows what Bozhilov was after. During his brief discussions with the police, Bozhilov wavered between surrendering and killing both himself and the hostage. At one point, he appeared outside with his hostage holding some kind of weapon to her throat. Police weren’t sure whether it was a gun. But with blood covering the hostage they weren’t going to take any chances. When they appeared again, Deputy Sayre fired a round from Bozhilov’s left at about 10 yards away. It was all over. Bozhilov crumpled to the ground dead. His hostage would be treated for minor cuts.

Deputy Sayre has been put on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation, as is required in fatal shootings. The good people of Loudoun County should be thankful that they have officers like Deputy Sayre standing at the ready and hope for his swift reinstatement.

For saving the day, Deputy Sayre is the Noble of the week.

Knaves: The Republican-controlled Senate, for passing a budget blueprint that would make a liberal blush.

Having added $11 billion to federal spending and boosting the nation’s debt limit by $781 billion, you might think Senate Republicans would be cowering in some pub, appropriately drinking away their sorrows on St. Patrick’s Day. Alas, Sen. Arlen Specter had not yet begun to fight: “I don’t have any apologies to make for this 7 billion,” he said, referring to his approved amendment adding $7 billion to domestic programs. “I’m still not satisfied.”

Entirely satisfied was Majority Leader Bill Frist. “I’m proud of tonight’s progress and will continue to work with my colleagues to implement … policies that drive down the deficit,” he said. Only in the Senate can one talk about “driving down the deficit” by increasing it. Just a week ago, a prominent Republican senator declared, “Now is the time to reaffirm our roots as the party of fiscal discipline.” Wait, that was Mr. Frist, too.

For redefining “now” to mean “much later,” Senate Republicans are the Knaves of the week.

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