- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 2, 2006

From Sunday Telegraph (London), Nov. 19, 2000:

Saddam Hussein has been illegally stockpiling an arsenal of deadly chemical and biological weapons in schools and hospitals, Western intelligence reports say. Among the items listed are 610 tons of precursor chemicals for the production of VX [nerve gas], in addition to large quantities of growth media used to make biological weapons such as anthrax… “We have good reason to suspect that Iraq is still hiding chemical, biological and weapons of mass destruction in a range of locations,” Peter Hain, the [British] Foreign Office minister, told the Sunday Telegraph. Satellite imaging has now revealed Saddam’s elite force, the Republican Guard, apparently shifting the weapons to new hiding places. The disclosures, based partly on the debriefing of defectors, come amid growing tensions over the 10-year sanction regime… Mr. Hain pointed out that before expelling the United Nations weapons inspectors in December 1998, Iraq had admitted that it was hiding chemical, biological weapons and missile parts in the desert, caves and railway tunnels.



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