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Drinan’s chair

More controversy is swirling within the Catholic Church, this time here in Washington involving a Catholic Jesuit priest who is an outspoken former Democratic congressman.

The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, a Catholic priest and president of Human Life International, is blasting Georgetown University’s Law School for establishing the Rev. Robert F. Drinan Chair in Human Rights despite the latter priest’s record in support of abortion rights.

“Sadly, Georgetown University — a Jesuit institution — has a long history of mocking the faith, including hosting pornographer and social degenerate Larry Flynt, and at one point removing crucifixes from the classroom in spite of student protests to keep them,” notes Father Euteneuer.

He adds: “Referring to Fr. Drinan as a human rights hero is like calling Attila the Hun a diplomat.”

A law professor at Georgetown, Father Drinan is a former five-term Democratic congressman from Massachusetts. His vocal positions in opposition to specific Catholic Church teachings resulted in Pope John Paul II in 1980 demanding that all priests withdraw from political office. Father Drinan agreed not to seek re-election that same year.

“At age 85, Fr. Drinan doesn’t need another hypocritical award,” Father Euteneuer concludes. “He needs to be in a monastery praying for the salvation of his soul. While he’s at it, he should also pray for Georgetown’s return to full communion with the Catholic Church.”

Zell resurfaces

He’s been surprisingly absent amid the mudslinging leading up to Tuesday’s midterm elections, but outspoken former Georgia Democratic Sen. Zell Miller has now surfaced in support of Republican Sen. Rick Santorum, who is waging an uphill battle in his bid for a third term in his Pennsylvania seat.

Mr. Miller this week kicked off “Democrats for Santorum,” a statewide coalition of Democrats who, oddly enough in this given election year, desire to keep a Republican in office.

“I am not involved in any other race in the country,” Mr. Miller said. “I am only doing this for Rick Santorum.”

Crunch time

“Sweets for my sweets.”

Senior Bush White House aide Karl Rove, appearing in the press cabin of Air Force One late Monday night brandishing a round tin filled with chocolate-covered pecans.

Avoiding the page

A well-known Washington politico went so far this Halloween as to dress up as embattled former Florida Rep. Mark Foley, even sporting a short gray-haired wig and the ex-congressman’s fine taste in men’s fashion.

Now this costumed imposter is imploring Inside the Beltway not to reveal his identity. Rest assured, sir, we have in our possession a picture, and you can count on us calling for favors.

Spooky spirit

A Halloween ghost, for no better explanation, cropped up in yesterday’s final home edition of The Washington Post.

From what we can tell it’s the face of a white woman, superimposed (or is she?) into a staff photo snapped at a Maryland press conference of black Democratic leaders who crossed party lines to support Republican senatorial candidate Michael S. Steele.

Nobody from The Post could immediately say how the woman appears where she does — in the middle of the frame — but the unknown woman is not in the original negative or in the picture published in earlier editions.

God-created warming

As far as one authority is concerned, Myron Ebell was Satan for Halloween.

The oft-quoted director of Energy & Global Warming Policy (in other words, he doesn’t buy into gloomy man-made global-warming theories) at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) in Washington shares this letter he received on Halloween.

“Mr. Ebell, I receive a weekly e-mail from your ‘think tank’ and I’m constantly alarmed just how similar to the biblical description of Satan you actually are. You are prepared to lie to millions of people and promote the destruction of our home planet, just so that you and your contemporaries are kept in employment.

“If I was an American, it would be my duty to see that the CEI was itself disbanded and devolved. It is a malignant cancer which bears no fruit in the contemporary world, and thankfully the Internet is far too democratic to allow your lies any potency outside their country of origination.

“You know all this, so kindly take notice and do something about it. Yours faithfully, God, Creator of All.”

John McCaslin, whose column is nationally syndicated, can be reached at 202/636-3284 or jmccaslin @washingtontimes.com.

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