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Is media misinformed?

The critique by Durwood Ray of the Aug. 7, Time magazine article “Stem Cells: The Hope and the Hype” (“Stem cells two ways,” Commentary, Wednesday) points out some of the mistakes in the article that mislead people on the stem-cell issues. This is just one of many media reports that provide misinformation about stem cells.

This begs the question, “Is the misinformation the result of media ignorance, or is the media providing disinformation?” In other words, do they understand that if there are ever any treatments from embryonic stem-cell research (ESCR), they are many years away, that adult and umbilical-cord-blood stem cells are already saving lives, and that the media still writes as though the opposite were true?

There is no doubt that there is rampant ignorance of the issues on the part of many in the media, but they are also disposed to believe liberal politicians wanting to fund ESCR for political gain. And they are enthralled by biased scientists seeking government funds for ESCR.

Whatever the reason(s) for promoting it over adult stem-cell cures — giving false hope to seriously ill people and taking advantage of them to promote ESCR funding — the truth will eventually show how misleading the media coverage is.



Republicans failed conservatives

The 2006 midterm election will go down in history as a sea-change shift in power, similar to 1994 (“Democrats claim Senate control,” Page 1, Thursday). Our election process forced term limits on a party that failed its constituency.

They failed to show leadership and good communication.

They failed to maintain a high moral integrity and honesty and lacked the strength to discipline those that broke that high moral standard.

They failed to work to keep our government small.

They failed to make the lower taxes permanent.

They failed to keep government spending in check.

They abused their power with irresponsible spending earmarks.

They became the enemy.

Yes, the war was a major issue. When you add the antiwar crowd to the disenfranchised, you lose. I know Republicans who voted a straight Democratic ticket to show their disgust.

To summarize, in business jargon, the Republican leaders and their minions focused internally rather than on their customers. When you focus away from the ultimate decision-makers — your customers — you go out of business.

A major shake-up of leaders on the Republican side of the House and Senate is needed if there can be any hope of turning things around. We need to regain the moral high ground and communicate the ideas and values conservatives seek. If that is not done soon, the liberal Democratic momentum will carry on for the next two years and the result will be a president named Hillary.




History has shown us that great leaders are few and far between. Our Founding Fathers knew this, and so they created a system by which we can regularly purge ourselves of incompetence and corruption. This election cycle was just such a purging.

This group was elected in 1994 to govern as conservatives — that is, to stop uncontrolled spending, to lower taxes and to move our government away from supporting liberal social policies. They have a record of achievement. They lowered taxes, they freed business from crippling regulations and bureaucracy and they appointed and approved several conservative justices. They strengthened and supported our military, and they supported and encouraged scientific, medical and technological advancement.

It took them 12 years to lose their way. Gradually they stopped reflecting the values of the American citizens that elected them. They lost touch with their constituencies, and they demonstrated an arrogance that the American people would not tolerate. They allowed a president to lead them away from their conservative values, and they paid the price. You see, the American public did not reject conservatism; they rejected politicians pretending to be conservatives.

The same people that kicked out the politicians that are supposed to reflect our conservative values also passed amendments preserving marriage as a union between one man and one woman (seven out of eight states), did away with “affirmative action” (Michigan) and passed laws inhibiting governments from seizing a citizens’ property.

This new class that now enters the political stage won the right to represent the American people by campaigning as conservatives (many of them are former Republicans) that will clean up corruption and force a change in direction in Iraq. If they believe they can simply cloak liberal legislative policies in conservative rhetoric and fool the American public, they are mistaken.

The strength of this great nation is on the back of its citizens, not its politicians. When the politicians stop reflecting the values of the citizens that elected them, they will most certainly continue to pay the ultimate price.


Millstone Township, N.J.

16th-century science

Sixteenth-century scientists were outraged that Galileo insisted scientific knowledge should be based on observation and experimentation rather than their models and authority. Eventually they used the political power of the Inquisition to censor Galileo for his transgressions. It appears that Sens. Olympia Snowe, Maine Republican, and John Rockefeller, West Virginia Democrat, are playing the role of modern-day Inquisitors. They are demanding that ExxonMobil stop funding groups that insist climate-change science be based on observation and experimentation rather than models and authority (“Welcome aboard,” Inside the Beltway, Wednesday).

Contrary to popular myth, changes in carbon dioxide cannot explain the three distinct temperature trends of the 20th Century — warming, cooling and then warming. The models used to make drastic predictions are not verified by observations and experimentation. Only the Solar Hypothesis has been so verified.Ten years ago a team from the tiny Danish National Space Center hypothesized that increases in solar activity increase the Earth’s temperatures in two ways. The less important is that an active sun produces more energy hitting the Earth and its atmosphere. The more important is that an active sun reduces low-lying cloud cover, thus permitting more of the sun’s energy to hit the Earth’s surface. An active sun intensifies its shield that partially protects the Earth from cosmic rays, resulting in fewer cosmic rays hitting the atmosphere. The team hypothesized that cosmic rays are important in the formation of low lying clouds. The team showed extremely strong associations among solar activity, cosmic rays, and temperature trends in the 20th century — indeed for the past 1,000 years. These associations have been verified by others.

Rather than testing this hypothesis by experiments, the multibillion-dollar Global Warming industry quickly dismissed it. Last month, the Danish team reported in the Proceedings of the Royal Academy A the results of an experiment verifying that cosmic rays are important in the formation of low lying clouds. When cosmic rays hit molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere they eject electrons which are catalysts in forming the water droplets that make up clouds. If the experiment is independently verified, then the sun is the principle cause of recent climate change.

Obviously the Global Warming industry and some politicians wish to ignore the Solar Hypothesis. Taxpayers would be outraged by demands that Washington bureaucrats regulate the sun to prevent climate change. Thus, some prefer a return to 16th-century science.



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