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A mom’s question

“‘What were those guys thinking?’

“That is what every woman I’ve spoken to has said about the Foley mess. … Why didn’t [Republican leaders Rep. J. Dennis] Hastert and [Thomas M.] Reynolds and [John] Shimkus understand what every vigilant parent knows, that there is something very fishy about an older guy, any older guy, sending overly friendly e-mails to a 16-year-old, whether the 16-year-old is a boy or a girl.

“Didn’t they ever wonder why a 52-year-old congressman needed a 16-year-old friend? … Would they have believed him and then just gone about their business if the one receiving the e-mails was their own son?”

—Myrna Blyth, writing on “So Long, ‘Security Mom,’” Friday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

Professor Cosby

“I have a profound admiration for Bill Cosby. … I consider Bill a first rate professor. …

“Surely you’ve heard, as I have, about the many speeches professor Cosby has made in recent months, haven’t you? Speeches in schools and public forums, in front of large black audiences who were largely stunned into silence as he spoke things that almost nobody could enunciate but Bill? …

“Rest assured, those words have been heard far and wide, and are still resonating in homes and schools and places of business and worship. Best of all, they’re resonating in the minds of lots of young black kids, while they still have the opportunity to take them to heart — and end up with a brighter future.”

—Pat Boone, writing on “Brave Talk, Wise Words,” Saturday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

In the henhouse

“[Fox News President Roger] Ailes recently renounced his membership (in the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) because he thinks the voting process rewards liberalism and finds the ceremony itself obnoxious. …

“He recently issued an edict — something he does from time to time — that any Fox employee who received a journalism award would be terminated on the spot ‘because that means you sold out,’ he said. ‘It means you’re not making any waves and you’re not doing anything that nobody else has ever done. And our job is to stir things up.’ …

“It is one of the ironies of his extreme success over the 10 years of the Fox News Channel that Roger Ailes hates journalists, manages them, and counts himself among their ranks.”

—Rebecca Dana, writing on “The Fox in Winter,” in the Oct. 9 issue of the New York Observer

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