- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Glick’s new home

CNBC personality Alexis Glick is leaving the network for the Fox News Channel, a hiring that could help Fox establish its own business channel, Associated Press reports.

Miss Glick will serve as the No. 2 business executive, behind Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, and will help direct the network’s business coverage. She also could appear on air if Fox owner News Corp. decides to start the business channel, as has been discussed for years. However, Fox chief Roger Ailes has said he won’t pull the trigger unless he gets enough distribution on cable and satellite systems.

“We’re not quite at that stage when we can do that, but we’re close to it,” Mr. Cavuto says. “I’d be foolish, as the guy who does business news, not to prepare ourselves for the possibility.”

Mr. Cavuto says he admires Miss Glick because “she not only talks the talk, she has walked the walk.”

Before getting into television, Miss Glick, 34, was an executive director at Morgan Stanley, where she led New York Stock Exchange floor operations. She switched gears and became a reporter at the stock exchange for CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” CNBC is owned by General Electric Co.

Miss Glick, who is pregnant with her third child, says she’s looking forward to getting back into a management role.

Fox was attractive to her because it had the ability to look at many news stories as business stories, she says.

Miss Glick did work last year for the third hour of NBC’s “Today” show. But she dismissed rumors that she was a contender to replace Katie Couric when Miss Couric left for CBS.

Besides, Miss Glick says, she wasn’t ready for the job even if it was offered.

“I was green. I was a rookie. I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I will always look at Katie as if I got the opportunity to work with Walter Cronkite, except it was Katie Couric.”

‘Survivor’ watch

The country’s oldest civil rights group is taking a wait-and-see attitude about the new, potentially inflammatory edition of CBS’ “Survivor,” Reuters news agency reports.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said Tuesday that though it opposes the concept of “Survivor’s” upcoming season — dividing up teams according to race — it will reserve judgment until the reality show airs.

“Concerning the new season of ‘Survivor,’ whether we like the concept or not — and for the record, we do not — it is premature to judge the show purely on conjecture,” the organization said Tuesday. “We will judge the show on what we see, and we will monitor the public response.”

“Survivor: Cook Islands,” which premieres tonight at 8 on CBS, has received a lot of attention since last month’s announcement that the 20 contestants would be divided along racial lines into four tribes: black, white, Hispanic and Asian.

CBS responded to the NAACP in its own statement.

“We appreciate the NAACP reserving judgment on ‘Survivor: Cook Islands’ until they’ve seen the show,” the network said. “As a programmer, you can’t ask for more than to be judged by how audiences react to what they see on the screen.”

“Survivor: Cook Islands” is the 13th installment of the reality show (produced by Mark Burnett Productions), which premiered on the network in 2000.

The NAACP added that the attention given to “Survivor” is distracting from what it deems to be larger and more crucial issues, such as the “woeful lack” of minority creative executives and stereotypical and “biased” portrayal of minorities in news coverage.

Compiled by Christian Toto from Web and wire reports.



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